California is a hectic state, and it has been reported that the residents of California often face a lot of unexpected financial crisis regarding their health care, car repair, or house rents, etc. These things put a lot of stress on a person and getting instant cash in those situations is very difficult especially from the banks because their verification process is very lengthy (the credit score checking and a good income).

The California title loans are designed to help people in such situations so that they don’t have to sell their assets or other necessities. The standard way to decide the loan amount is by measuring the equity of the vehicle.


The essential thing for eligibility for the California title loans is that the borrower of the loan must own the car outright. Meaning that the car should be entirely paid off (no other pending payments) because it will be used as collateral by the lender. The car’s title should be on the borrower’s name. The allowed vehicles include the car, motorbike, RV, SUV, and truck. Another important thing is that the borrower should be the resident of California State and he should be 18 years old at least.

What about bad credit?

The California title loans are very different from the traditional loans because they do not focus on your credit history.

What about income?

The California loan lenders do not check your credit history, but they do check your income status like the bank statement. So, if you have a lousy income, it might be difficult for you to get the loan but you should not give up and should work hard to raise that number up.

Vehicle collateral

The riskiest thing in the title loans is that you will have to put up your item (car or any other item on which the loan is being taken) as collateral and if you fail to make payments in due time then the lender can repossess your item.

Great cash

The amount of cash that you can get for your item as a loan depends on the value of your item’s value (item can be anything house, car, or any other thing on which the loan is being taken). In case of a vehicle, the company takes only a couple of minutes to determine its value by looking at the make, model, and condition. Typically, the companies require that the value of the car should not be less than $2000. The auto title loans in California range from $2.600 to $25,000.

Keeping your car (in case of auto title loan)

In case of the auto title loan in California, you get to keep your car for all kinds of usage unless you fail to pay the loan back.

Interest rates

The interest rates of the California title loans is much higher than other conventional loans. The reason for it is because the title loans are short-term loans. It is the only way for a lender to make a profit with these loans.