The winter weather does not stop construction workers from doing their job. But, there are certain measures that need to be taken to ensure safety in poor weather conditions. This article will discuss such measures.

When working outside in the winter, what you wear over your hands is important. While gloves may look better, they are not as practical as mittens. If the temperatures are very cold, mittens will keep your hands warmer because it forces you to keep your fingers together. And remember, never take your mittens off outside. Even putting your hands in your pockets an be risky; should you fall on ice or water, you are more likely to lose your balance and fall.

Prior to beginning your work day, take a look around the site. Keep an eye out for ice on any equipment, walkways, stairs and scaffold. Should you find any, be sure to throw salt on all affected areas. You would be surprised to know how many workplace accidents could have been protected if someone had looked for these hidden dangers!

If you decide to use a heater around the area in which you will be working, use caution. They may help to keep you warm, but when not used properly, can cause a number of problems. Be sure to put the heater on a sturdy surface that is also fire-resistant. Make sure there is enough room so that excess fumes are able to escape. Finally, anything combustible should be kept at least 10 to 15 feet away from the heater.

Winter Safety Tips For Construction Workers

Choose footwear properly when doing construction work outdoors during the winter. You may prefer the look of certain shoes or boots, but if they are not sensible, you could be placing yourself in danger. Pick out a sturdy pair of boots that will prevent you from slipping.

If it is snowing, windy pouring, or very icy outside, put off the work, if possible. Of course, there may be certain projects that need to be completed within a certain amount of time. But, if the project is not an emergency, put it off until conditions get better. It is not worth causing injury from poor weather conditions. You can get back to doing your work when conditions have improved!

Take as many breaks as you can. Staying in extremely cold weather conditions for too long can cause a number of health problems, like hypothermia. One good way to prevent these issues is to take as many breaks as you can. During these breaks, eat hot foods and drink hot beverages to warm your body up. Then, you will have more energy and feel more comfortable going back to work.

As the beginning of this article has already mentioned, working in construction does not make you exempt from having to work in the winter. But, there are certain things you can do to prevent illness and injury from occurring. Use the tips above to keep yourself safe in the winter.

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