Watching movies is one of the best ways to spend leisure hours. When you are home with your family or if you called some friends, watching movies can be the best thing you can do to spend quality time. Now you don’t even have to rush to the local DVD stores to grab one. Online DVD stores like offer a great collection of movies; TV series etc. to their customers and you can easily order them from your home. Following are certain advantages:

Benefits you will receive

1. The most important advantage of an online DVD hire company is the stock. Most of the online DVD rental companies have a huge collection of movies starting from new to old. The search tool will helps you to find movies in different ways easily. You may find movies listed on the basis of actors genre, directors etc. This actually eases the way to find the film of your choice.

DVD Rental

2. They generally offer free shipping to its members and it is two way. The movie you selected will be sent to your location and if you need to return any DVD then they will also pick it up. This ensures that you don’t have to take the trouble of finding a courier service to return the DVDs.

3. If you are lucky then the online DVD hire company may not have any due dates or late charges. This gives you the freedom to keep the DVDs with you and return them when finished watching; so you don’t have to hurry.

4. You will have the flexibility to choose from a number of different plans according to your need. There is no restriction on membership also. If at any point of time you didn’t receive proper service you may cancel the subscription.

5. A lot of online DVD rental websites have review sections. So if you are not sure, whether a particular title is good or bad, you can go through the comments or reviews and take your decision. You might have the flexibility to watch a short preview of any title before placing the final order.

6. Sometimes members can avail special offers if available or new members can get welcome gifts. Online DVD hire firms also offer free trials so that you can check the products and services offered.

Limitations you may face

Beside these advantages, there are few disadvantages also:

1. One of the major disadvantages is time. Once you ordered you film it will definitely take some time to reach you. If you are in a hurry then online rental stores will not solve the purpose.

2. Availability is another concern for the members. If you are looking for a particular movie and it is not available at that point, then you have to wait until it arrives. This scenario is more frequent with recent releases. Moreover if the online rental company has premium memberships and you are not a part of that then you have to wait as premium members will receive the benefit first.

3. Thirdly, even if you didn’t watch any movie in a particular month, you have to pay the membership fee.

What will be your decision?

Online DVD rental companies are very popular now a day. All you need to do is to choose one firm and be a member. Limitations you may face are less compared to the benefits. If you can be little patient then online DVD stores like can prove to be a boon for you.