All losses are not bad as you can learn it the hard way if you are obese. Obese people are desperately looking for ways to lose weight that could bring them in better shape and improve health. Even if one is ready to compromise on appearance, there is no room for any compromise on health. Obesity comes with a host of health problems. You might suffer a heart attack as your cardiovascular health is at risk. Even a stroke is not unlikely to happen and you can have diabetic problems. Having respiratory problems in sleep, commonly known as sleep apnea is also the result of obesity. Being overloaded with health problems it is only natural that obese people are frantically on the lookout for methods of weight reduction and control.

Why Weight Loss Surgery Is Different from Other Surgeries

Making a choice

The choices are many – exercise, dieting, yoga, ayurvedic treatments, lifestyle changes and of course weight loss surgery. Although the solutions do not come in that order, one thing is for sure is that surgery is the last option. You have to go through the chores of trying out some other non-surgical methods that are available for weight reduction before you can use the last option. The sequence can only be reversed for people who have a bigger threat to life when surgery is the only option. For all other conditions the sequence has to be followed religiously. Let us try to understand why this is so important.

Collective decision

The decision whether or not to have weight loss surgery does not depend on any individual; not even on the surgeon who wants to do it. It is a collective decision that has to be taken by a team comprising of your physician other healthcare providers, the surgeon, your family members and you. The reason is that the surgery is a life changing event that needs careful consideration. After the surgery, you are likely to feel like being born again, so many changes will happen to your life. From restricted diet to restricted lifestyle, it will be a complete overhaul that needs good mental preparation to accept.

Educating patients

Although the group takes the decision, you are the protagonist and need to be prepared to face the situation and the after effects. The surgeon takes time to counsel patients to make them understand the details about the type of surgery, its side effects and after effects, the restrictions that have to be followed after surgery and all other aspects related to it. The aim is to educate patients who have the last word in decision making unless it is an emergency. You have to take a well informed decision so that you are able to sustain the benefits of surgery in the long run. Having wrong ideas can lead to unrealistic expectations that give a bad name to the surgery.

It is only after you have gone through the entire procedure that the surgeon would be confident to perform weight loss surgery on you. This is why the surgery is quite different from any other surgeries