Moral and ethics can be tricky things in the business world. Both also have involvement in the web development world and it is important for web developers to be aware of them. In this case, ethics are essentially the discipline of dealing with bad and good things. Morality is about conformity with various ideals related to proper human conducts. For this reason, web developers have different ethical and morality standards. It means that some developers will take on specific projects, while others won’t. As an example, web developers who support animal rights causes could decline websites related to slaughterhouse.

One of the most common issues is whether web designers accept jobs related to sex-oriented websites. Web professionals could be contracted to develop e-commerce site for selling sex toys and similar products. They could also be asked to design pornography websites, because they are among the most lucrative websites in existence. Many web development professionals have the right to reject orders for these jobs, especially because this will encourage exploitation of women. Debt collecting firms could also cause social oriented problems and web professionals may reject these tasks.

Many debt collection agencies habitually harass people and may use illegal methods to get money from debtors. Contracts could also be obtained from domain squatters, which is one of the most despised people in the Internet. They hunt for domain names that are about to expire and then try to ransom it to the actual, legitimate owner. In this case, web developers should try to have involvement only in legitimate business if they want to maintain their long-term reputation. Some clients could use nefarious means to achieve their goals and gain some profits.

Many web developers could find it less acceptable to work with specific web games. As an example, we developers could be asked to work with multiple aspects of wrestling games, such as particle effects. In this case, when the wrestler’s character is struck by the opponent, droplets of blood would splatter and stain the surrounding objects.

Professional web developers may not want to have any involvement in web solutions that depict or encourage violence. Developers could also be offered a large sum of money to create websites that seem to promote the human trafficking activities. If we see any indication of such a practice, it is important to turn down the project immediately and never deal with that particular client again.

It is true that many web development projects have questionable nature and this may include spam mailing website, online casino, work-from-home scams, ID harvesters, government grants scams, websites that provide free games loaded with annoying adware, hard-line religious websites, stock options trading system and others. The Internet is a highly versatile platform and there are many questionable methods to use the online platform. Some web developers would agree to accept questionable projects if they are paid really well. However, if we want to have a lasting reputation, we should turn down these projects immediately.