Have you always keened to get in good shape without purchasing expensive sports equipment or fitness subscriptions? Well, there is great news! Running is going to help you get in a desired shape. Running is a sport that can be done by everyone and all it requires a pair of comfy shoes and a drive to.Once you begin to run, your fitness and focus will improve and you will be concentrated longer that might prove positively productive on your day. It is because better concentration simply means good productivity.

No matter you live in Andheri or any other area of Mumbai, running in Mumbai is absolutely possible. Running will not just give you a desired shape but steal all the negativity from your mind and heart. And other wise too, you can become a part of exciting runs that take place in your own city. These running moments will add a slice of excitement in your packed routine.

Mumbai Marathon

Bhumi Run – Mumbai

BHUMI RUN is a running event that is getting organized by Bhumi NGO on Sunday 3rd September 2017. For this exciting event, you just have to spend 500 rupees.Under this event you can go for two distance options: 5K or 10K. Actually, Bhumi India Run is an annual running event that is conducted across manifold cities to endorse fitness while raising funds for the education programmer for under-privileged children. This Run is the curtain raiser for the upcoming initiatives in promoting the significance of recreational activities for fitness among the citizens. The race will be held on September 3rd, 2017 and the participants have to assemble at 5:30am. So, are you ready for this unwinding yet challenging run?

How about a Your Hill Half Marathon?

This marathon is getting organized on Sunday, 8 October 2017 at 6:00 AM by Jnm Event. This will be the fourth edition of Your Hill Run Half Marathon. Under this event you can take part in the following categories:

  • 21k
  • 10k
  • 6k

So, do you think that you can make a different at trek by your running skills? Come on, how can you stay aloof from such beautiful events? Don’t worry about the routes, they will be disclosed for you sooner than you expect. Just make up your mind and be a part of this event for your thrill and fun.

Stone Ridge Valley Marathon 2017

Another upcoming marathon than can make your day is Stone Ridge Valley Marathon 2017. This marathon is getting organized on Sunday, 24th September 2017 at 6:00 am. Under this exciting run, you will have the following categories:

  • 42 km
  • 21 km
  • 10 km
  • 5 km
  • 3 km.

If you are interested in the Full Marathonthen you just have to spend Rs.1600 only. You will not just get a chance to run on an exciting trek but you will also baga Timing Chip, T shirt,Route support, Finisher Medal & Post event snacks and Event experience.


So, what are you still thinking, just attend any of the running and marathon events taking place in your city. Allow these runs to add in you the rejuvenation, thrill and positivity that you have always been looking for.