There is much talk about the proportions, the depth of “relief” and as a separation, but the bedrock of all time is one – the quantity of muscle mass. Create extreme muscle mass is based on three components – high-intensity training, high-calorie diet and taking supplements. In general, all this is not such a complicated science, however, and she has her own secrets and subtleties.

Here are 10 tips that will surely help you to raise your metabolic rate, without the risk of falling into a state of negative nitrogen balance. And this is the way to mass – to promote a training session inner energy to the limit and at the same time richly saturate the muscles the building blocks for growth – protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Number 1: Focusing on the negative

Muscle growth – a result of muscle contraction. The most complete, it happens when the muscle lengthens under the weight, not shortened. Realized? When you lift the barbell biceps, he was going into a ball – reduces length. But when you lower the bar, he, on the contrary, is stretched. Just this phase and will be for the most efficient mass growth. Want weight lift weight at the expense of “one-two” and descends to the “one-two-three-four.” There are no exceptions. In any exercise deliberately delayed the return of the motion.

Number 2: Eat fish

Fish meat, literally saturated with fat. Is it harmful? Just the opposite. There are a variety of fish fats (omega-3), which is wildly important for a bodybuilder. It increases the sensitivity of muscle cells to insulin. As a result, the cell gets more glucose – increasing strength and mass. Also, Omega-3 helps to pump into the muscle amino acids longer – besides increasing the mass. A more omega-3 saves glycogen and increases glutamine levels in muscles.

Number 3: Eat salt

Salt is vital for the growth of the mass. Bodybuilders before the competition, in general, do not eat it, because sodium from salt causes water retention under the skin. But the same sodium in the offseason is actively involved in the accumulation of glycogen. It also facilitates the penetration of amino acids in muscle cells and increases muscle insulin sensitivity. A low-salt diet with a guarantee of a set of brakes weight.

Number 4: No aerobics

During the period of mass recruitment of aerobics should be forgotten. It is proved that aerobics reduces power consumption at the expense of muscle glycogen. But worst of all, that any aerobic activity, whether it’s swimming, running or biking, leading to the disintegration of BCAA amino acids in muscle. But they are responsible for the growth of muscle volume. The smaller the BCAA in muscles, the muscles less. In short, say no aerobics.

For Muscle Gain Tips

№ 5: The greater, the more

The amount of muscle is proportional to its strength. From this, it follows that it is necessary to pump power. And then it will start muscle growth. We know from physics that the power – it is mass divided by time. It turns out that the faster you lift the weight, the more power you have to apply. So the first phase of the exercise always begins a powerful explosive force will stronger and hence more. In addition, to enhancing endurance you can consume Agmatine a natural supplement, often consumed by bodybuilders to stay more on the gym.

Number 6: Calories: up and down

Without mass supply is not seen – this is clear to everyone. But with increasing mass and subcutaneous fat. How to be? You have already identified for themselves the average daily number of calories, for example, 3000. And now, take and pick up your half to 4500 calories. But only for three days. This immediately leads to increased levels of glycogen in the muscles – and you become more and more. Then return to normal caloric, it has not yet begun the conversion of calories into fat. This method gives a good boost to the mass. It is often used when you need to get out of the stagnation.

Number 7: Rest

Heavy training inhibits the secretion of sexual hormones and strengthens blood cortisol concentrations. At the same time the ability of the muscles deteriorating, accumulate a glycogen. How to be? Watch for yourself and if libido began to decline, give yourself two full days of rest from training. This will lead to a guarantee of the body back to normal. Then he will see that the pump is better. So it should be – a hormone has increased.

Number 8: Powerlifting – this class

There are three ways to exercise muscles. First – this is when the set more than 15 repetitions. This training develops muscular endurance, but not the weight. When reps are no longer 12, and the growing strength, muscles, and weight. Yes, that’s the problem: this method does not work for long. Out in powerlifting techniques. It lifts weights 2-5 times. It’s cool strength raises but does not give a significant increase in weight. However, after a month and a half basic training is required to practice the week powerlifting. You will add to the strength, and thus be able to raise the weight training in its basic program. This is sure to give an impetus to the growth of the mass.

Number 9: Eating and sleeping

To improve digestion and speed up the metabolism, you should eat often – 6 times a day. But what about the night’s sleep? It turns out; the muscles remain without power for 6-8 hours? Yes, and it strongly inhibits its growth. To facilitate this process, take a protein-carbohydrate mixture somewhere in the middle of your sleep.