Online rummy gaming is catching up. Most people who traditionally played rummy offline are now switching to online platforms. There are countless online sites today where you can play rummy online and enjoy to the fullest. One such platform is Khelplay Rummy website and app. This site appeals to expert rummy players and newbies alike.

Here are some reasons why it does not matter whether you have mastered rummy or you are still learning the games, Khelplay Rummy remains your best choice to play the game online:

  1. Challenging Cash Tournaments for Experts

Expert gamers are not happy just playing rummy. They wish to flaunt their rummy skills in as many ways as possible. This opportunity is given to them by Khelplay Rummy cash tournaments. The website has a vast array of cash tournaments each season. The prize money and the number of winners may vary based on the tournament.

A good rummy player will never find a better opportunity to show his skill in rummy than by winning such tournament. Expert rummy players can be a part of the ultimate rummy cash tournaments and show their skills in the rummy world.

  1. Multiple Variations to Check Out for Newbies

A newbie in rummy is over-enthusiastic to learn new styles of rummy games. He is always eager to know more about the games and its many variations. The website for rummy card games knows that different people visiting the site may know different variations of the game.

That is why they have many variations for players such as Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, 13 card rummy game, 21 card game, 10 card game and other variations of the popular rummy game. A new player can spend time practicing the different variations and thus enhancing his skills.

  1. Easy Opportunity to Play with Experts across Time Zones

Since experts know the game so well, they get bored playing with newbies or people who do not understand the game well. They look for competitors with the same potential as them. This they find on Khelplay Rummy as rummy lovers across the globe can play Indian rummy game through this convenient platform. It adds to the thrill of the game when you play it with a complete stranger and still manage to win.

  1. Interesting Tutorial Videos to Help You Learn Rummy from Scratch

Newbie players often hesitate to ask their queries regarding the game to their friends. This is because they are scared of mockery. Most people are not patient enough to teach newbies the game. This is where the website seems like a better platform. Here you can find video tutorials that explain the ultimate rummy from scratch. Apart from this, there are many blogs and FAQs to help you with any queries that arise.

  1. Real Chips to Play Tournaments and Win Few Quick Bucks for Experts

An expert player does not enjoy playing mock games. He enjoys playing with real cash but that is regarded as gambling offline. Khelplay Rummy allows you to play rummy with cash using the real chips on the site. In case you win the tournament, the money is transferred directly into your website account, which you may withdraw. Thus, opt for rummy game free download and play for skill, winning real cash.

  1. Practice Chips for Newbie Players to Practice for Free

Newbie players cannot risk playing with money. They are still not sure of their skills in playing Indian rummy game. This is why they wish to play safe. The website has practice chips which allow you to play rummy for free. All you need to do to enjoy this luxury is create a free account and then start playing. As the chips get exhausted, they can be replenished with a refresh button.

These reasons above clearly explain why Khelplay Rummy is equally loved by newbies as well as expert rummy players.