Did you just move into a new, empty house, a new apartment building or a fresh office space? Do you want to dress your wide and elegant bay windows or glass walls, but have no idea how to do it and what tools to use? Do you want to buy curtains or show off your interior design skills, but you would rather not get messy with the heavy duty tools? Or maybe you get lost every time you open a curtain catalogue, but would still like your curtains or blinds to match the design of the room?

Why Getting Curtains Fitted Is Better Than Doing It Yourself

There is a solution to your problem: professional curtain fitters. They have taken speciality courses in curtain fitting and rail installation (yes, there are courses even in this field), they have seen many houses with many windows and have met a lot of different people with different visions for their curtains.

The professionals can assist you from the very first step: they help you decide on the kind of curtains you need, the fabric, the weight and texture, the colours and pattern of your curtains. They can also make the proper measurements for them, so that you only order as much as you need and have no leftovers. Every aspect is important for a proper curtain fitting, including the surfaces on which they need to install the curtain accessories.

After you have purchased your curtains or blinds, the curtain fitter will take care of everything; from preparing the room, bending and cutting tracks for odd places (such as bay windows), installing the tracks or poles of your choosing, to the finishing touches and securing the curtains. They make sure to leave no mess when working, by using dust sheets and footwear protection.

If you have a lot of time on your hands, as well as an eye for design, a sewing machine, a lot of tools and supplies (drills and rails included) and are comfortable with experimenting with your own windows, go ahead. It is a fun and a great family project to install curtains. They might not look that even in the end, you might make a big mess in the house and your rails might fail at some point in time (unless you make sure you have high quality supplies and do a great job at securing the rails to the walls), but you’ll be happy with what you created.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have that much time and are not in the mood for cleaning up dust and debris from practically everywhere in your house, if you’re not comfortable with power tools or a sewing machine, you can let the professionals do their job and earn their living.

You probably are a professional in your own field and know how to do a specific thing very well. So let the people with the expertise handle your curtains, just as you let professional cooks prepare your tasty food, professional hairdressers style your hair and professional trainers keep you fit. They know exactly what they’re doing so that you don’t have to.

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