Kitchen is often said to the heart of a home for it produces the stuff that keeps everyone on their feet, full of energy and sated. Having an optimally designed kitchen is also instrumental in deciding the efficiency as well as the ambiance of the room. When looking up a residential property in Goregaon, check for the kitchen space and the alignment with respect to the science of Vastu Shastra and start visualizing how you can modify the interiors to your liking.    

Understanding the basics of interior design will help create a space rich in functional as well as visual aesthetics. Every element in the kitchen incorporates the basics of an interior space while the positioning governs its efficiency. Each colour, form, design, and texture has its role to play in deciding the energy of your kitchen while creating a definitive visual identity. You can customize to adhere the arrangement if this important space to your personality.

How to customize your space

When considering decorating, always look at the kitchen space as three-dimensional. While the size of the space is instrumental in determining its dominant vibe, but you should be careful in placement of the products. Just like a large room with high ceilings can easily be called airy and relaxed, as well as hostile and hollow, a small room may be looked at as cosy yet crowded.

How To Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Space

So while setting up your kitchen, ensure your appliances and other equipment are of optimal size. There are also many compact storage solutions that help you enhance the available space with the kitchen if you feel it is too small. Many of the 2 BHK flats in Mumbai Goregaon West by The Dynamix Group come with a well-structured kitchen giving you freedom to customize as you wish!

How to customize colour

Deciding the colour may seem a simple task at first but it is easy to be flummoxed when it comes to taking the final call. This can be extremely tough in a household where people have different tastes and different favourites. However there are two patterns that can really stand out in a kitchen space – neutral themes and bold-colour themes. Both play their role in drawing attention to the focal points in the kitchen when decorated tastefully. Neutral shades can come to life with bold accents, where a theme with a bold colour should be matched with a softer shade so that they are easy on the eye.

How to customize texture

This is mostly defined by the tactile and implied texture of the installed cupboards, kitchen slabs, and the flooring. Like every other element of the kitchen, textures too can provide their own flair and variety to the design. A coarse texture for the flooring, the walls or the cupboards may be complemented by adding sturdy, rugged appliances and other such features. Similarly, a sleek, smooth texture may require chic designs and appliances that can together create a contemporary space.

A kitchen when set up right can be magical for your home. A little insight, a little experimentation, and you have the space of your dreams.