A fabulous yard may look like it takes a lot of maintenance, but proper planning and a regular routine can give a homeowner a spectacular lawn and garden area without back breaking labor. Using five tips to maintain the yard gives more time to relax in your private surroundings. Isn’t that really the point of a fabulous yard?

Keep Your Yard Looking Fabulous: 5 Ways To Maintain Your Yard


Landscape your yard based on your outdoor needs and your time schedule. Balance open areas for activities and quiet spots for relaxation. Don’t allow the yard to become cluttered with too many features that will get in the way of your enjoyment. Kids will leave their toys, bikes, and scooters lying where they fall, and it won’t be long until the clutter detracts from the maintained look of the lawn.

Lush Lawns

Many homeowners tend to cut the grass too short. This can cause undue stress, especially in the heat. For lush looking lawns, set the mower to the highest cutting height. The longer grass will shade the ground, keeping it cooler and retaining moisture for a longer period. It will also prevent the sunshine that weeds need to develop from reaching them.

Shrubs and Flowers

Shrubs and flowers add interest to the yard with their color, size, shape, and textures. Unfortunately, if left alone they can become an overgrown tangled mess and give the yard a look of neglect. Trim the shrubs regularly to keep the shape and size required. Mulch in the flowerbeds will help keep the weeds out and the moisture in the ground.

Lawn Edging

With the grass a lush green and the flower beds neatly weeded, give the yard a finished look by installing lawn edging to define the borders. Made of metal, wood, brick, or plastic, edging products require little maintenance once they are installed. They can even reduce the maintenance needed in the garden as they hinder the grass from the lawn from encroaching into the beds. An edging will help keep the garden mulch from spilling into the yard.


An inviting path up to the door is an important part of having a yard that is the showcase of the neighborhood. While a walkway bordered by shrubs and flowers gives a softer look than a bare path, any overgrowth can detract from both the aesthetic value and the safety. Keep it clear of grass and weeds that make it look uncared for. Shifting soil and growing roots can cause damage, and walkway repair Fort Worth services can restore the passage through your lawn to an attractive and safe area.