You are in the prospect of the forthcoming marriage and would like to finish it up with a honeymoon? Well, then it’s time to think about an appropriate place for it. What about spending your honeymoon in Dubai?

The elegance of the local beaches and the exclusive romance of Dubai desert will make your honeymoon uncommonly beautiful and enchanting beginning of the happy family life. You will never regret if you decide to celebrate your marriage in Dubai, because it offers a luxury leisure, exquisite service and incredible comfort.

Of course, each couple is to decide on their own how to spend the honeymoon, but we just want to give you some recommendations that will assist you in making your own scheme of the perfect honeymoon in Dubai!

Choosing Time of the Year

It’s hot in Dubai all the year round and in summer the temperature often reaches 40 degrees, so those who are not unaccustomed to such temperatures are recommended to travel during the winter months.

Why Dubai Is A Superior Destination For Your Honeymoon

Winter in Dubai starts in November and lasts till late March, although the temperature remains in the range of 20-30 degrees.
If you consider good food is an integral part of your trip, then it is not recommended to visit Dubai in October. It is the month of Ramadan, and it is assumed that the tourists on a par with Dubai residents should observe the fasting.

Getting Around the City

Public transport in Dubai is represented mainly by bus and metro systems.

Metro operates from 6.00 till 23.00, and on Fridays – from 6.00 till 14.00. Trains run at intervals of about 10 minutes. Metro tickets can be used in buses as well.

The bus network connects all major Dubai retail outlets. The buses run from 6.00 till 23.00. 5 routes are connecting the main areas of the city.  Night buses run from 23.00 till 6.00 at the interval of 30 minutes. Route map and schedule is available at bus stops. Bear in mind that during Ramadan the timetable is changed.

Why Dubai Is A Superior Destination For Your Honeymoon

You can also use a taxi. The city has several taxi companies operating round the clock. It is easy to catch a taxi in the street. In addition, near each hotel and shopping center there is a taxi parking lot. The fare depends on the type of taxi. Taxis parked near hotels are generally more expensive than the ones you may catch in the street.

However, if you want to spend your honeymoon in Dubai with high comfort and be independent in terms of transportation, it is recommended to rent a car. Having reserved a desirable car in advance at you will be able to set out immediately upon arrival to the airport without undergoing any inconveniences and delays.

Having Fun in Dubai

No matter how you prefer spending a vacation – whether you like it to be fully saturated with excursions or spending the time lying on the beach, – every minute spent in Dubai will give you a sense of magic, romance and beauty.

Why Dubai Is A Superior Destination For Your Honeymoon

Dubai beaches are the most tranquil and secluded ones in the entire Middle East. Warm sky-blue waters of the Persian Gulf and the hot golden sands of the coast will provide your wedding trip with a truly unique atmosphere of harmony with nature and serene happiness.

Those who like more active and exciting leisure activities for the newlyweds can consider diving. There are many beautiful places for diving in Dubai, which are suitable both for the beginners and experienced divers.

Also, you might like to take a fascinating tour around the picturesque Arabian Desert. It is advisable to take a guided safari tour, and afterwards you can enjoy a fantastic dinner on the background of a beautiful sunset.

Why Dubai Is A Superior Destination For Your Honeymoon

It is also nice to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the entire Dubai by taking a flight in a balloon, or visiting the observation platform in Burj Khalifa, which provides amazing views from the height of over 800 meters.

Dubai is an excellent choice for those who want to include shopping in the honeymoon program, because you’ll find there a variety of high-quality brands and other goods, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

After a vivid and eventful day, you can visit one of the local restaurants and enjoy the most diverse cuisine. Particular preference is given to the seafood dishes, the choice of which is huge there, as it includes the cuisines of various nationalities.

In the evening, when the sun will hide behind the horizon, you can take a romantic tour along the Persian Gulf on a sailboat, enjoying the coolness and bright stars that shine in a special way there.

Dreams tend to come true, especially it concerns those who are in Dubai. If your greatest desire is to make the wedding a complete fairy tale, then go to the UAE – a true fairy tale is waiting for you right there. And, moreover, remember the saying: “A good beginning makes a good ending”. Regarding the wedding celebration it is the same – your matrimonial life will run in the way it was started.

So, spend your honeymoon in Dubai and you will not regret it! We wish you a happy, luxurious and unique holiday full of love and happy future family life!

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a writer and a keen traveler. She enjoys traveling the world and exploring the new attractions. For very comfortable holiday travels in UAE, she recommends using rental cars which you can choose on