Trains are always helpful, handy, and comfortable. Whether you want to travel a short distance or a day’s long distance, trains would give you the comfort that might be missing from other modes of transportation.

Now if you travel by train generally, then you should always keep yourself equipped with the information about trains on the traveled route.  If you live in Delhi and go to Patna quite often, then you might find it helpful to know about the Delhi to Patna trains. After all, who knows which information when turns out to be a boon.  No matter you travel by the fastest train or a normal one, it is good to know about the timings, availability, and routes.

Talking about New Delhi, it is the capital of India, and it keeps the visitors and tourists enticed by its industrialization, historic significance, and tourist spots. If you have never been to this city, then you must go there at least once. From cuisines to street shopping to historic tour; everything is scattered on the land of this city.Similarly, if history enchants you, then you must land in the city of Patna. This is the capital of Bihar. Patna has ancient rudiments written all over it. It is the biggest town of Bihar and the history of this city dates back to 3000 years.  Both Delhi and Patna are special in their own ways. One thing that connects them the best is railways. Whether you are a rich person or a middle-class fellow; you can easily afford a journey in this train.

The distance between New Delhi to Patna is around 1054 km by road. If you talk about the rails, then it is 997 km. Speaking of aerial distance, it is 861 km. There is twenty direct train(s) from New Delhi to Patna. This train is likeSampoorn K Expo (12394), AnvtBgp G Rath (22406), DbrtRajdhani (12424), RipRajdhani (12310), and JigGaribRath (12570) and so on.

You know there are all in all 56 trains that run between New Delhi and Patna. The first train from New Delhi to Patna Jn is named AnandVihar Terminal JogbaniSeemanchal Express (12488). It departs at 07.30. This is a train that runs every single day. The last train from New Delhi to Patna Jn is named ANVT SDAH EXP (13120). The train departs at 18.15.

There are many people who want to travel on the fastest train so as to reach their destination quickly. Well, for them, there is the fastest train from New Delhi to Patna Unnamed New Delhi Howrah JnKolkata Rajdhani(12306). It departs at 16.55 and covers the distance of 998km in just 11.35 hrs.

Thus, while you were thinking of going to Patna by road or by air; why not just get tickets booked on the train? The journey would be relaxed, comforted, and joyful. You can unwind and experience the plenty of sites outside your window. Think about it, and you would definitely end up going on a train! After all, trains connect the cities in a way that nothing else can!