Sometimes we think about cleansing the face only when we are approaching an important event, so we do not want to appear with the face punctuated by acne, blackheads, and imperfections. On the other hand, facial cleansing is a ritual that should often be observed for the health and beauty of our face. You do not need to go to a beautician because you can do yourself a cleansing of your face by using only natural products.

There is a reason why the cleansing of the face is so important: every day we accumulate, on our skin, layers of dead cells, and smog and make-up residues with the result that the skin weakens and appears off, opaque and poorly treated. They appear: wrinkles, blackheads, pimples, spots and the skin tends to dry out and redden.

Why do you clean your face?

The cleaning of the homemade face does not involve the use of products that could harm the skin, it is done in complete relaxation and a gesture of love towards your face. The skin needs to breathe, to be free, clean and nourished, in a few gestures, in the cleansing of the face, we give it all of this. Goodbye imperfections and impurities.

Now let’s have an afternoon available, a few hours free to take care of ourselves, maybe in a few days there will be an important event and this cleaning of the face DIY is what we need to have a beautiful face. Find more DIY face mask here for clean your face.

At home, it is convenient to use mask-films. They are deeply cleansed, but they cannot be used for dry skin with increased sensitivity if there are lesions, tumors and close to the surface of the face vessels. Keep readingĀ

Activated charcoal mask for deep cleansing

What do you need?

  • Cosmetic black clay – a teaspoon;
  • Activated charcoal tablet;
  • Gelatin – a teaspoon;
  • Milk – a tablespoon.


  • Add the clay to the crushed activated carbon. Instead of black clay, you can use green.
  • Enter the same warm milk or water.
  • Lastly, pour gelatin.
  • Insist the mixture for a quarter of an hour, and then warm up until the gelatinous granules are completely dissolved. It is important during the heating to constantly stir the compound and not let it boil.

This mask is considered to be one of the most effective home cleansers since it pushes out dirt, located in deep layers of the skin. Moreover, it saturates the dermis with useful elements and improves its regenerative functions.