There are many who wish to study the art of healing. Studying medicine is a way to understand the science of healing and put it into practice. It’s a competitive field regardless of the area you wish to study. Medicine is an ongoing learning process and even after you have finished your degree you will be expected to keep up with the latest technology. Medicine is a career that brings huge rewards to an individual. Esteem recognition respect the satisfaction of helping someone and their family just to name a few existential aspects. In practical terms Doctors of medicine are needed everywhere. But let’s not forget that studying medicine can also be about becoming a dentist nurse or veterinarian.

Is Medicine for You?

Prepared for long hours challenging work and a lifetime of learning? Then studying medicine will be of interest to you. The study of medicine is not for the faint-hearted it requires intensity and it is a very challenging field. Acceptance to medical universities is strongly contested throughout the world especially in areas like the US, UK and Germany where the applications for places is high. Medicine is a demanding subject but it offers many interesting challenges and huge diversity allowing a graduate many choices of career paths. If you are looking for a prestigious career medicine could be a good fit for you but be prepared to work hard before being accepted and throughout your degree.

Many students of medicine these days are choosing to study abroad. With excellent medical training available in most EU countries and beyond and with the training in many countries conducted in English this is a very attractive option. When considering those options you will need to bear in mind various factors: Admission prerequisites; the higher the demand the higher the calibre of educational standard that will be requested. Tuition fees and living expenses; students will find studying abroad reduces these overheads considerably. The quality of Education;” studying abroad does not mean less quality there are many excellent facilities to be found throughout Europe where the diploma/degree is recognised worldwide. The additional bonuses of studying abroad are the maturity that comes with a placement in another country the cultural experience networking and for the interpersonal skills that are not learned in a classroom. For any student considering studying medicine abroad or considering transferring to complete your education abroad a good platform to explore the options would

Want Career Options? Then Study Medicine

The study of medicine covers aspects of healing you might not have considered. It is not just about knowing anatomy and physiology. It is the study of disease how it evolves the paths it might take and how to treat or cure it. It is about research and methodology it is about psychology and people skills. Time management both personally and professionally. It is about team building skills and communications. All of these skills and more are needed to complete a medical degree. An interesting point to note is that they are also transferable skills that you can take with you to whatever area you decide to specialise in.

Most if not all medical schools are teaching via the problem-based learning method (PBL). This is a dynamic approach to teaching that engages the student more fully in the subject. It takes an open-ended problem that students individually and cooperatively work through to resolve. It is an engaging model of learning medicine that introduces the students to skills that are very appropriate for future situations both in and out of the health field. A definite advantage when moving ahead with your chosen career.

After studying medicine you can decide to specialise and that speciality can determine your future career path. It is also possible to take advanced study abroad to further widen you education and skills. Medicine has always been a competitive field but one that can offer numerous rewards both in humanitarian aspect and the monetary aspect. Personal and professional development is ongoing as are the opportunities to diversify throughout your career. Medicine is a demanding master but a very rewarding one and if you choose to study it then be sure you are ready for a challenge that will stimulate you intellectually physically and emotionally.

Wide Diversity of Career Choices Within Medicine

The world needs doctors nurses vets researchers and practitioners so if you choose to develop your career at home or abroad you will always find work. Specialising can take you in many directions. Emergency medicine could see you in ER situations or working for charities in third world environments. Cosmetic medicine can also take you into the humanitarian field and even private practice. Research into all aspects of health and disease prevention and cures is also a creditable field to consider working in pharmacology can be very lucrative. Then there are the optional health arena’s to develop in even alternative medicine.

Clinical practice gives you a career structure from resident to consultant with the appropriate salaries attached. Having decided on medicine and completed your training maybe even specialising in one of the many branches opens up a world of possibilities. Branches such as epidemiology the study and control of diseases in populations this can take you into field work around the world or into organisations like WHO (World Health Organisation). Genetics the science field of the future being involved in identifying disabling genetic birth defects giving people the information to make informed choices on the cusp of discoveries that can affect mankind exciting stuff! Then there is work in microbiology neurosciences pathology radiology toxicology and much more. Maybe you will even find yourself working with the police and the justice system as a forensic pathologist. The study of medicine can really take you in any number of different directions the choice is yours.

Medicine The Way Forward

The study of medicine is a tough demanding choice of study and you will have to work hard to get into medical school and continue with that trait throughout your career. That said it is a satisfying challenging and fulfilling career to choose. Studying abroad either totally or on exchange adds a certain depth to the learning experience. As with any study what is learnt outside the classrooms helps in shaping your career choices and the professional you will become. Health professionals whatever their field of practice are respected professionals that is almost a given worldwide. Studying medicine gives you an automatic route to that status your training will help you be ready for it.