All parents know that it’s important that their children learn how to swim. Shockingly, figures from the ASA show that one person in the UK dies from a drowning-related incident every 17 hours, and amongst children drowning is the third most common cause of death. Many of these accidental deaths happen in outdoor bodies of water such as canals, rivers and reservoirs, and many could have been prevented if children knew how to swim and how to be safe around water.

The Importance of Water Safety

Subsequent water safety campaigns flag up the fact that swimming is a unique sport in being a life saver as well as a way to get fit, have fun and make friends. By teaching your children how to be safe in water, and by equipping them with the skills that they need to be able to swim, you can give them a head start on the safety front.

Children need to know how to spot the dangers and read warning signs: what to do in an emergency; how to swim and be confident in the water; how to rescue themselves in a difficult situation and to be safe in the first place; and how to resuscitate anyone who has gotten into difficulties.

Learning from a Young Age

Of course, children also need to learn that swimming is safe and fun when it is carried out in a supervised, safe environment, and that it is a fantastic family activity that plays a vital role in remaining healthy and fit. The different lessons go hand in hand, and it’s never too early to start.

For parents seeking a private swimming school in Europe, there are plenty of choices available through private providers such as Aqua Tots. These swimming instruction schools are ideal for babies upwards, and they take place in purpose-built pools with warm water, fun surroundings and all the equipment that little ones need to play games, learn vital skills and have fun in the water.

The benefit of learning privately is that the quality of instruction is very high and classroom sizes are small, and lessons take place in a comfortable, warm and purpose-built environment that is often much warmer and enjoyable than the local leisure centre or public facility. Experienced coaches will know how to make all ages learn how to trust and enjoy the water, from teaching babies how to blow bubbles under the water and enjoy swooshing along in their parents’ arms to helping older children to make their first strokes confidently as they get a head start in their water skills.

It’s always worth ensuring your family have the best start when it comes to water safety and swimming skills, and once everyone can swim together, the activity becomes a great way for families and friends to enjoy leisure time in a positive, healthy and enjoyable environment. So look for your nearest provider today and enrol your little ones so they can get started.