One of the best ways to make some positive changes in your life is to start with Muay Thai training. This is a very efficient method used by those who want to find the limitations of their body and those who want to start a healthy lifestyle (looking to find discipline to leave the bad habits, those interested in weight loss etc.). So how exactly does a Muay Thai training look like.

Just like any other training of some sport, Muay Thai training is performed in order to learn Muay Thai (Thai Boxing). Of course, this doesn’t mean that you are trying to become a professional Muay Thai athelete but through these intensive physical activities used by professional Muay Thai athletes you will bring a lot of benefits for your health. Muay Thai training is physically demanding and it requires strong discipline in order to be performed in the right way.

The training sessions in Muay Thai camps usually last for around 4 hours per day (two sessions x 2 hours). During these training sessions you will be engaged in various physical activities like running, stretching before the exercises take place, bag work, shadow boxing, training with Thai pad, rope skipping, exercising with a medicine ball, speed bag, weight training etc.

While you are practicing these training sessions you should be ready for rapid weight loss, because the training burns all the bad fat from the body leaving all people with no excessive fat. This is one of the most attractive benefits that Muay Thai provides and the reason why so many people join Muay Thai camps. Furthermore, Muay Thai training includes strict diet regime, improvement of self-defense skills, increased ability to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol (discipline), improved self-confidence etc.

The best way to start with Muay Thai training is to join one of the many Muay Thai training camps in Thailand. If you are looking for a place that has experience with different categories of students that have already achieved amazing results we suggest visiting Suwit Muay Thai . This camp is located in the beautiful Phuket island. Suwit camp is the first stop for many foreign students because of the many positive reviews it has.