A dog is a companion and a worthwhile addition to your life. Your dog is highly dependent on you for its needs, including food, health care and physical fitness. You need to ensure that your pet gets the best care possible.

General Care

Along with feeding and making sure that your dog gets regular exercise, it is important to cater for its overall care. General care involves regular visits to the vet, parasite control, vaccinations and oral care. Your dog should be kept safe from potentially risky situations and receive proper grooming to keep it clean and healthy.

A veterinary examination on an annual basis is necessary for adult dogs. Younger dogs or puppies require regular vet visits as recommended by your veterinarian. When your dog receives the right kind of care, it will be easier to detect health conditions early and treat them effectively.

Importance Of Proper Dog Care


  • Proper nourishment helps to keep the skin healthy, strengthen bones, as well as improve overall health and quality of life. Feed your dog balanced quality food that will enable it to maximize on the benefits of good nutrition. It is important to invest in the best quality of food for your pet to reduce the risk of malnourishment and diet-related diseases.
  • Proper nutrition is one of the most effective ways to keep your dog healthy. Although your dog deserves occasional treats, make an effort to restrict snacks that do not provide nutrition. Maintain your pet’s balanced diet by limiting treats to prevent excessive weight gain.


The combination of proper nutrition and regular exercise will maintain your dog’s weight and enhance longevity. Excessive weight gain can lead to adverse conditions such as heart problems, compromised immunity and arthritis.

Parasites and Diseases

Parasites and diseases can have far reaching effects on your pet’s health. Without treatment, diseases become worse and require emergency responses and hospitalization. Keep parasites and diseases at bay by ensuring that parasite prevention is carried out along with vaccinations and regular veterinary care.

Dental Care

Dental care is vital for your pet’s wellbeing. Make sure that your dog’s gum and teeth are always clean and in good condition. Daily cleaning through brushing prevents the buildup of tartar that causes periodontal disease. Such diseases progressively result in rotten gums, infections and heart problems.

Dogs are susceptible to gum disease at an early age and daily brushing is a crucial step towards preserving dental health. You can also consider taking your dog to the vet for professional cleaning as regularly as recommended to further prevent periodontal disease.

Wellness Program and Grooming

A wellness program is an important aspect of preventative dog care. Regular checkups need to be scheduled to facilitate professional dental care and blood work among other checks for earlier disease detection and treatment.

Regular vet examinations extend life and prevent treatment in the long run. The quality of your pet’s skin and hair is an indication of its health. Regular grooming prevents skin problems such as spots and damaged nails. Parts of the body such as the nose, ears and teeth should be inspected everyday to identify any existing health problems.

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