Recent years have seen social media virtually become a way of life. It is now commonplace for almost every adult within an average household to own a smart phone or tablet and this has led to an increased access to social media sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Only recently, Facebook celebrated a decade on our computer screens and other social platforms appear to be following suit. As with any thriving business, social media sites require manpower to maintain and improve the social platform and to serve its continually expanding audience. There is little denying that with the rising use of social networking sites, there has emerged a space that is rife with career opportunities. So, why is a career in social media so appealing?

Social Media Is An Ever-Changing Phenomena

The nature of technology is such that it continues to advance and social media must be fluid enough to withstand the constant changes. If you like surprises and seek a career where just about anything could be around the corner, then social media may be the way forward.

You Are At The Heart Of Tomorrows Innovation

Whether you are a creative novice or an expert in producing inspired content, social media will provide you with a platform to drive changes that will shape the social media of tomorrow.  You will have creative tools at your fingertips and the opportunity to infuse your creative genii into the world of social media.

You Get To Wear Many Hats

In social media, the potential scope of responsibility is so wide that you can be assured flexibility in what you do. You can be everything from author to analyst, diplomat and detective. As your career in social media develops, so will your skill set, allowing you to assume a variety of different roles and making every day the challenge that you need.

You Are Always In The Know

Being in the social industry houses the benefit of being the first to hear all the juicy gossip. You are likely to spend masses of your time researching and browsing and no doubt, you will be unearthing some pretty interesting things. You will be part of a tight-knit circle within the social media game and thus you can expect lunch times to be all about keeping you posted with the current talk of the town.

There Are Some Major Perks Of The Job

When you work in social media, you may have to be a social media guru. This means doing all things social. You can expect to be travelling to social media conferences and networking events and liaising with all the other social media guru’s that the industry has to offer.

You Can Merge Work And Passion

If you are hooked on social networking sites then what better than to pave yourself a career in designing and enhancing these very websites? If you find that your friends lean on you for advice in your daily life, then what better than to provide social media users with the opportunity to air their concerns on social forums that you manage? A career in social media would strike a happy balance between doing what you enjoy and having a well-groomed professional career.

If you’re interested in a career in social media then you might want to consider a digital marketing internshipas a gateway into a promising profession.

What are your ideas on a career in social media? Comment below!

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