Fluent in Spanish? Russian? Mandarin? Whatever non-native tongue you speak, there are employment opportunities across the globe waiting to be scooped up. If you want to see the world, and get paid to do it, take a look at a few of your options…

Teach English Abroad

Those with a TESOL/TESL/TEFL certification are in high demand. Teaching English as a second language is a growing industry that thousands join every year. Many of these courses offer graduate placement services and some will even offer training for essentials like securing visas and contract negotiation.

Health Care

Top Industries Needing Bilingual Workers

No matter where you are, health care professionals are needed. Registered nurses, in particular, but also paramedics, home health aides and mental health providers. In clinics and emergency rooms across the country, bilingual workers are in demand — but if you’re thinking globally, travel nursing is a flourishing industry.

International Banking

Top Industries Needing Bilingual Workers

Financial institutions are inundated with a variety of language speakers every day, particularly if they deal with overseas monetary transfers, pension or taxation issues and a diverse array of currencies. When it comes to money, people want to be sure they’re not losing anything in translation. Literally.

Service Industry

Top Industries Needing Bilingual Workers

Sure, you can get a job slinging drinks at the neighborhood pub, but bars and bistros across the world are frequently looking for employees who can banter in English with tourists and equally engage the locals in their own dialect. Whether on a cruise ship, hotel bar, dance club or beach hut — if you’re a ployglot who pours delicious beverages, expect to find a home.