There are several things that are advisable to fill in a Get home bag. If you are wondering about this type of carrier, it may be useful to learn that it is a backpack or survival kit. Its contents include basic supplies such as food, water, and other essentials.

In the event of a disaster, robbery, or riots there may be a need for evacuation; you may need these supplies for survival. Therefore, these sacks must be pre-stocked as there may be no time to pack when calamity strikes.

It may so happen that you are required to flee when there is risk of war, terrorist attack, tsunami, floods, storms, power failure, bad weather, or other calamities. In such cases, all you need to do is pick your bag and run for shelter.

You must also not confuse get-home bags with bug-out bags. Both are loaded with the essentials, but there are differences between the two.

Where the former are concerned, they are miniature-sized and lightweight. Also, they are ideal for short durations such as three days or so. They are useful if there is need to vacate the premises in a hurry and you have to satisfy yourself with the minimum amount of supplies.

Bug-out bags are usually associated with military personnel; they are carried by pilots to survive in enemy territory in the event of plane crashes. The supplies in the sack can help them to survive. Bug-out bags are big in size and can be loaded with supplies to last for a week or so.

Some of the contents of a get-home bag are inclusive of

  • One metal-comprised water bottle (metal is advised as there may need to cook or boil)
  • Energy bars
  • Rain gear
  • Lightweight tarp
  • A pair of comfortable shoes
  • Few clothes
  • Fire-starting tools such as tenders and lighters
  • Tools such as blades, knives, wire cutters, pliers, and saw
  • Flashlight and Battery
  • Few toiletries
  • Emergency blankets
  • Face masks
  • Self-defense tools such as pepper spray and pistols
  • Maps and compass
  • Cash in small denominations
  • Stationary including paper, and pencils
  • Emergency radio
  • Emergency blanket

Amongst the various items in get-home bags, the first aid kits are an important inclusion. This kit contains medical tape, tweezers, pest repellant, sunscreen, mirror, sterilized eye pads, scissors, cotton swabs, safety pins, hand sanitizer, burn dressing gauze pads, elastic bandages, splint, moleskin, saline, antiseptic sprays, soap, and lip balm. Medicines such as antacids, pain-killers, disinfectants, antimicrobial creams, antiseptic ointments, and aspirin are also included herein. Also, if you wear glasses, then these must also be included.

This gear holds prime significance because, as humans, we are prone to injuries and there may be a need for administering treatment. Here, the stuff in the pack can then prove to be handy. However, it should be kept in mind that these provisions are suitable only for minor injuries. You may use them for the treatment of burns, bleeding, sprains, and bone fractures.

Do not forget to pack your first aid kit for treating any small injuries, as there may be no hospitals nearby, and saving yourself from further medical complications.