When you first get into the world of horse-riding, it can all sound very luxurious and exotic. However, riding a horse isn’t quite as easy as it might sound or look in the movies. To ride a steed, no small amount of training is needed. More importantly, though, you also need to be around a horse breed that is friendly for a beginner. Many people choose a breed of horse which does not mix well with newbies to the equine industry.

If that sounds like something you are worried about, then we recommend that you take a look at the following horse breeds, noted for their quality compatibility for newcomers to horse riding.

Irish Sports Horses

A fine breed to start with is the Irish sports horse, sometimes known as the Hunter. These are very impressive horses, a happy breed between a thoroughbred and an Irish draft. It’s a very calm breed and they tend to be quite energetic. This makes them fun rides but with enough power to bring a beginner along.

American Quarter Horses

Another popular breed for beginners is that of the American quarter horse. Some know this as a classic cattle horse – the kind of horse that any beginner should feel very good about riding atop on. They are hard to annoy and easy to calm if they do get frustrated. This makes them a fine choice for any beginner who feels a touch threatened by the size and scale of their horse ensuring this is a very beginner-friendly horse.

Shetland Pony

We recommend that you look to the adorable Shetland pony if you want to have a good time atop a steed. They are very comfortable horses particularly for a child and would make a fine choice for any youngster who wants to learn more about a horse and making the right choice of horse.

Many adults will use them for driving around, but we recommend that you avoid any excessive pressure with a pony of this size perfect for kids, but perhaps not too great for most adults of average height and above.

Experience always counts

Though the three above breeds are probably the best around or a beginner to riding, we do recommend always looking for a horse with experience. If you are going to be buying your first horse, then buying a horse with equal inexperience might prove to be a poor match.

Instead, look to find a horse that comes with plenty of experience. For a newcomer to the horse industry, an experienced horse will make it easy for you to get through those perilous early days. It will also help to make sure that both parties can feel comfortable, as your horse is much more likely to keep up and along with you as it will feel your uncertainty.

If you would like to learn to ride a horse, then, you should absolutely take a look at choosing an experienced member of any of the above horse breeds.