Ricardo Diaz Zeferino. A black man of Latino was killed by the bullet of a police officer, on June 2, 2013. But the surprising matter appeared that the victim didn’t contain any such kind of crime that could be the cause of his death. However, this dead news spread over the whole city, whole country and also in the whole world. The victim’s family demanded that, the police only killed him as being black, not the white skin like the other Native Americans. This complains had arisen the racism fact in America again.

However, though the police said that, it was just an accident and the black Zeferino was a victim of that situation, but the friends and the witness of that place demanded that the police officer was lying and it was planned to kill the poor Zeferino. They also added that they have the video footage of that horrible situation on their mobile phone. Moreover, they also declared that, if the laws don’t believe in their speech, then it is also welcomed to check the close circuit camera’s video footages of that area too and this will be curial element during the republican debate live stream to access what republicans think of it.

  From the video footage, it found out that, Zeferino was being stopped on the road, while he was moving with his two friends. The police force ordered them to stop and up their hands on. The ordered guys compelled to do that. But after some while, Zeferino kept his hands down. Within a moment, three police man shot at him and about eight bullets attacked Zeferino may be within a second.  He was just spot dead on this accident. However, one of his friends rushed at him in order to save him. He was also being shot at his back, but narrowly escaped.

But, in a later, the police force demanded that they didn’t do this intentionally. They were searching for a criminal.  Whenever, Zeferion and his friends came to them, they thought that those were the guys, whom they were looking for. But in later, they could realize their mistake and ready to pay the victim’s family for their mistakes. They also requested to remove the videos which could act as evidence of their brutal crime.

But those videos were already uploaded on various social sites and a huge number of people had seen and downloaded them. So, if they were being removed in later, it won’t appear so much fruitful for the guilty police officer or whatever.  The people of the world could watch the brutal actions of the police forces and demanded the punishment for their crime. Even the question also rose that, if Zeferino was not black, then the police shoot him without any thinking? It was thought that now America is free from racism. But this killing activity of police makes the people tensed again. However, the court ordered to publish the videos again for a better investigation and provide the worst punishment to the police men who were connected to this crime.