Jewellery is perhaps one of the most fascinating things when it comes to trend and fashion. Exciting to wear and fun to design, the jewellery designing industry has so much potential in today’s era when everyone is looking for a new design and piece. Uniqueness is the key today, while novelty and creativity also play important roles in jewellery designing in today’s world. This is why the showrooms who undertake designing of wedding jewellery in Delhi are always on their toes, coming up with new designs and ranges to prove to their customers that they’re the best in the field.

Hazoorilal Legacy is one of the finest jewellery designers in the country, and they have a wide range of designs always ready for display. Their website is always swarming with new designs and ideas, and the new arrival section is full of exciting and adventurous jewellery. Some of the fabulous pieces of their collection are exhibited here to give you an idea of their supreme expertise and insight.

  • Mihrab Beauty

This piece is exquisite and grand. Made of uncut diamonds and enhanced with pastel turquoise colour enameling, it is also studded with pearls and coloured stones. This adds a character to the piece, along with a certain enigma and richness.     

  • A Burst of Colours

The exquisite pair of bangles are studded with uncut diamonds and have been adorned with pastel enameling of colours like white, pink, green and blue. The flowery pattern on it only adds to its delicate look, and the best part is that the range of colours ensure that it goes well with anything and everything.  

  • Strings of Heaven

Layered jewellery always has its own charm. The layers add to the beauty and the look of the jewellery, making it grander and more beautiful. This three-layered necklace is studded with uncut diamonds and south sea pearls, which are adorned with pastel shades of pink and off-white enamel. The floral motifs only add to the personality of the necklace.

  • Rose and Coral

Rose and coral—what a lovely combination to have! This necklace is crafted with rose-shaped cut corals and coral beads studded in jadau craftsmanship. The uncut diamonds are polished with white-coloured enamel, which gives a new dimension to the piece.

  • Studs

Ear studs have come back in fashion and that too with a bang! These turquoise-coloured enameled ear studs are encrusted with uncut diamonds and are an example of intricate workmanship. They look vintage and can be paired with anything Indo-fusion or slightly western as well. Smart, sassy and equally bold, this pair is regal, yet modern. If you wear this pair, there is hardly any need to adorn yourself with more statement jewellery. In fact, this in isolation can make your outfit look stylish and subtle.  

Whether it is intricate design, or bold style, Hazoorilal Legacy has a design for all preferences and interests. No matter what the event is, you can find something on their website. From heavy sets of diamond and gold jewellery to layered necklaces and bangles, no two designs are the same, and that is the beauty of this brand.