In the earlier days of Hyderabad, one would not discover as much assortment in cooking styles as it is currently. It was substantially more constrained and restricted to the typical stuff accessible. No one truly tried to experiment with new sorts of foods, excepting a couple of them. But off lately, after all the buildup and rage for Chinese cuisine, the hyderabadis have built an adoration for Italian food. The quantity of eateries that have sprouted up is unimaginable. There is a lot more to it and not only the mainstream pizzas and pastas. Let’s explore!

While you are busy looking for the Chennai to Hyderabad flights, there is someone at that very point in Hyderabad, who is drooling and going berserk in the tsunami of flavours and cheese laden treats in one of the classy Italian restaurants of the city. Well, it could be you too, only if you know the right spots. So, here we are, to help you with that. Read the following list.

1. Olive Bistro

It’s surely the most good looking and one of its kind of eateries in Hyderabad. It makes for an extraordinary vibe, giving you a mystic view of the mystery lake and some lovely looking greenery and flowers enhancing the rooftop range. The insides of Olive Bistro are beguiling to the point where it takes the accolade for being the ideal spot for a couple to eat in for a romantic night or lunch. Food is high in quality, well-suited for a Sunday brunch and the lamb meatballs, paprika chicken and tiramisu in a mason jar are simply to die for!


2. Prego

A quaint sort of Italy becomes animated inside this happy, upscale venue. Here, visitors can appreciate a vivacious live kitchen counter while devouring freshly cooked pastas, freshly baked bread and delightful hand-hurled pizzas. Their outside dining zone gives a terrific poolside setting to your dinner or lunch. You can cherish a bottle of premium wine in the open air and be swept away by one of the city’s most romantic destinations.

Prego Hyderabad

3. Via Milano

Its fine looking white and blue interiors is one of the most striking things that eventually grab each and every one’s attention the moment they enter Via Milano. The transparent glass that gives a surreal vista of the city, looks engaging around evening time and makes for an awesome backdrop to feast with family and companions. The stars of the menu here are the bruschette, heated chicken, hamburger tenderloin in red wine sauce and pastas.

4. Mozzarella

Directly under zaffran exotica is the Italian eatery called Mozzarella. Its wooden deck and greenery with bonsais set everywhere throughout the feasting zone is mitigating to the eyes. There’s a private segment for little gatherings/social gatherings or only for a group of individuals to feast in a calm range which isolates them from the entire lobby. The food which has Italian and Chinese, other than Italian is pretty decent to satiate your hunger pangs.

5. Flying Spaghetti Monster

The main thing that diverts you is the name itself and in a split second, you get this vibe that it will be a fun and an energizing spot to feast in, ideally with companions. A humongous entrance invites you into their 20 feet roof yet a comfortable setting of wooden furniture and French windows which are entirely stunning! The garlic bread is said to be the best accessible here and remember to read the menu carefully, for it has amusing lines tossed in here and there. It’ll keep you involved till your order arrives.

So if you are overdone with the typical Hyderabadi biryani and had the best of street food from its famous bandis, you should head to the Italian havens in this city to give your taste buds that smack of flavours and ecstasy. Have a great time!