Rack ovens are used for catering events, bakeries open to the general public and restaurants that offer specialized baking. The rack oven baking system is quite popular and offers a hook system for each of its racks. It has a baking chamber that is easy to maintain and can be powered by electricity or fuel. A standard baking system like the ones from Macadams can come with or without a smart controller, and this can be the perfect solution for your baking needs in today’s competitive consumer market.

Specifications of a Standard Rack Oven

When it comes to baking equipment, today’s bakeries require a high degree of performance, which why the following basic specifications are beneficial:

  • The ability to thoroughly bake standard loaves of bread between 600 and 900 g in size, as well as rolls that are 60 g each and baguettes that are 500 g each.
  • The ability to bake pies that are 100 g in size, with its crust completely done.
  • The capacity to handle around 30 dozen items like rolls, perfect for ovens that come in basic sizes.
  • A reasonable electricity usage, or a decent fuel capacity.

The Benefits Of Using Rack Ovens In Your Bakery

Bakeries and Restaurants

Bakeries and restaurants can use a rack oven on a table top. It comes with its own heat resistant door handles and its own drain exits. It is an automatic steaming system and hook system, with its own rack, that will be ideal for smaller bakeries too. It has a simple control panel that can be used by novice cooks, with the following features:

  • This type of rack oven offers a great cooking experience for the food service industry. Employees can use its innovative controls to bake a variety of goods.
  • It provides continuous circulation of hot air around the food that is being cooked, and this technique allows the food to be cooked 25 percent faster.
  • Foods can be cooked with less heat, with most dishes being completely done, using a cooking degree that is 25 degrees Fahrenheit less.
  • A rack oven heats up quickly, and preheating takes only a brief amount of time.
  • High production cooking is completed in less time, and there is a fast recovery for the next dish.
  • The ignition system is effectively reliable. Each baking system has a two speed motor, for high volume baking. Control options are available on all models.

With equipment being so important, it is essential that you choose the best type of rack ovens to use in your restaurant and bakery. You’ll benefit from added convenience and the ability to save on your energy bill too, as these modern equipment is quite energy efficient for small and large businesses alike. The supplier you choose is very important as this will allow you to benefit from value for money in the long run.

Macdams has been in business for more than 100 years and is a leader in high quality food service solutions and rack ovens across the globe.