Believe it or not, your pillow can say a lot about your personality, from its size, shape, type, and even the style. Even the arrangement can shed a little light on your preferences and pet peeves. Interested to find out if your pillows are telling the truth? Read on to see what your pillow is really telling the world about you!

Of course, this is an article on Psychology, you can take our fun to read work or you can read this utterly long and boring version, plus without the connection to the pillow you use.

Unarranged and Different Styles.

Are you the type of person that has various sizes of pillows thrown about in whatever way they will fit on your bed? Perhaps different styles, shapes, colors and types of pillows without concern about how your pillows visually look on the bed—just as long as they are comfortable! If this sounds like you, your personality tends to be more relaxed and easygoing. You probably tend seek out new experiences and enjoy going new places and meeting new faces, collecting things you find interesting along the way.

You don’t put much stock in what is “normal” and prefer to spontaneously go from one adventure to the next.

Perfectly Balanced With Modern Design

If you spend a portion of your morning making your bed and topping it off with well-matched and symmetrical pillow arrangements then you fall into what is considered traditional with a twist. You care about what is in style, but it all has to flow. You probably tend to be on time and pay meticulous attention to appearances. You have a knack for organization and enjoy the finer things in life, like good food and luxury bedding. You appreciate classic beauty and like to stick to the beaten path when it comes to life experiences.

Decorative Pillows

If you can’t seem to get enough of lace and frills—then you my friend are a romantic! You enjoy topping your bed with decorative pillows that have plenty of design and intricate details. The modernistic style seems too harsh and rigid to you. You are a dreamer that loves the idea of love. You love to look out of windows and think about your future. You may have issues with making plans and sticking to schedules.

You are drawn to whimsical-style art, literature, and culture. You like all things unusual! You like to include soft and feminine things in your world and will do so with great excess!

Perfectly Aligned

If you can’t help but have you pillows in perfect upright form—you are an organizer. Hold your horses, we’re not necessariliy say that you have OCD. There is no room in your bedroom or space for disorder – everything has a place and your mind does not enjoy randomness and change. You will ignore your own comfort in order for your bed to look absolutely perfect as far as alignment and color scheme. You love all things classic and detail oriented. As a stickler for details, you are likely to enjoy schedules and probably take your work seriously as well.

Trendy Types of Pillows

Does your bed have the latest and greatest in pillow technology? If you can’t be bothered with mundane pillows filled with fiber and fluff, and instead opt for pillows incorporating technology or high-end new materials, than this can be a tell about your personality. You like to be a leader, and a trendsetter. You want to be the first in your social group to test out new technology, and love to tell everyone about the latest gadget improving your life.

For you, function is of the utmost importance and many items in your home are likely efficient multitaskers, your self included. You likely to be a source of advice for others, and you enjoy staying on top of news.

Single Pillow

If there is only a single solitary pillow on your bed this tells so much about the life you live. You are a loner that prefers doing things solo, and you may not be looking for a significant other. A fast fact—even those that live alone usually have two pillows on their bed, for symmetry and to accommodate the occasional guest. You, however; are all about function and frugality. If something doesn’t have a purpose you view it as frivolous.

You probably have the bare minimum of furniture and clothing. You might become uneasy in group settings and prefer solitary activities like reading and surfing the internet.

No Pillows

A bed without pillows looks unconventional and incomplete to most people. But to you, it looks perfectly acceptable. You might be a “back to basics” personality who enjoys living life as simply as possible – perhaps an outdoorsy type or someone who prefers to live by their own rules. You don’t follow trends or other peoples’ advice, because you know what’s best for you.

You may even be a proponent of a natural lifestyle which eschews the need for modern conventions – after all, people survived without pillows for eons, right? Alternatively, you might just be a stomach sleeper!


The truth is our pillows tell the world much more about us than we probably know. It is interesting to examine how our personalities and outlook on the world can be exhibited in little things like how arrange our pillows or prefer to sleep. As you read through the list above consider which pillow arrangement best suits you on a normal day. Was the description close? Let us know if you have more ideas to add or what you think your pillow preferences really say!

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