Your annual calendar provides you with a convenient way to keep track of important events and plans. As the current year fades away and the new year approaches, preparing your 2019 calendar is a top priority. Without a detailed calendar, you may have scheduling conflicts, overlook important events and more. Spending a few minutes adding important details to your 2019 calendar is a smart idea, and these are some of the things that should be included.

Home Maintenance Plans

Following a home maintenance schedule is essential because it ensures that you do not overlook any critical steps. Your maintenance schedule should include things like cleaning the gutters, scheduling HVAC maintenance and AC repair service, fertilizing the lawn seasonally and more. It is easy to let these tasks pile up or to entirely forget about them. When they are included on your annual calendar, you can address all home care needs in a timely manner.

Birthdays for Family and Friends

Keeping track of birthdays for family and friends can be challenging, but forgetting a birthday can be embarrassing and result in hurt feelings. Use your previous year’s calendar to identify all birthdays that you need to be aware of. If you do not know someone’s birthday, you may find the information that you seek on social media sites. If you are using a digital calendar, such as the one on your smartphone, set an alert for a few days before each event so that you can purchase a card and make other plans. Weddings, anniversaries and other events should also be added to your calendar.

Vacation Dates

If you have not already booked a vacation or two for the upcoming year, now is the time to do so. By planning ahead, you can set the most practical dates. You can also clear your schedule so that you do not have any conflicts. Take the additional step of booking travel plans so that your vacation plans are finalized. Along these same lines, add the dates when the kids are out of school to your calendar so that you have all the information in one convenient location.

You understandably have many important dates, events, and responsibilities to keep track of throughout the year. Rather than risking the possibility of overlooking important events and dates, take time now to update your calendar, to create notifications a few days before each event and more. By doing so, you can potentially eliminate a common and avoidable source of stress.