Yay! You’re about to start learning to drive. You’re lessons away from gaining independence, which is amazing! Your first lesson is a big deal and is very exciting, but it can also be quite scary too. It definitely helps to have an idea what to expect, so you can prepare for the occasion.

Here’s what to expect from your very first driving lesson:


Before your lesson you’re going to need to do a little preparation to make sure you’re as ready as you can be for your big day.

  • Don’t get drunk the night before, and if possible, don’t drink at all. You need a clear and hydrated mind and need to be 100% sober.
  • Get your 8 hours sleep in – you should be well rested ready for your driving lesson.
  • Drink lots of water! If you have seen the recent headlines, a dehydrated driver is just as dangerous as a drunk one, so get that brain lubricated with lots of H20.
  • Eat a really good breakfast.
  • Make sure you know what time you’re being picked up and where.
  • Wear clothes you’re comfortable in, you’re going to be moving around a lot and don’t want to be restricted in your movement.
  • Do not wear stilettos, flip flops or overly bulky shoes. Your footwear should be comfortable, secure to your foot and enable you to move the controls easily.
  • Wear glasses if you need them.
  • You must take both your provisional license photo ID and paperwork – the instructor may not agree to your lesson if you forget either parts of the license.

What To Expect From Your Very First Driving Lesson

When You Get Picked Up

When you get picked up you won’t be put straight in the driving seat so don’t worry! Your instructor will drive you to a quiet road or area to give you an introduction to the basics. This will include getting to know the car, understanding how it works and understanding the basic controls. So you’ll have the journey with the driving instructor to get to know them and get comfortable in your surroundings.

The Basics

Once you have arrived at a quiet area, your instructor will stop the car and ask you to swap places with him or her. So this will be your very first time sitting in the driving seat of the car. The instructor will explain all the controls to you so that you understand what they all do, and they will take you through all the checks you will need to perform every time you drive. Do not panic, you are not expected to remember all this on your first lesson! With learning anything new it all seems so much at the beginning, but after a few goes you will be doing these checks out of habit.

The DSSSM everyone learns is –

  • Doors securely closed?
  • Seat in a comfy position?
  • Steering position established?
  • Seatbelts on?
  • Mirrors adjusted?

After Your Cockpit Intro

After you have been introduced to the cockpit and DSSSM you will then learn how to operate the vehicle and get some driving done! It is recommended you opt for a two hour lesson for your very first lesson so you have adequate time to get everything done. You will learn how to use the clutch, accelerator, brake, handbrake, indicator and gear. You will also be told how to hold the steering wheel correctly and how to move it correctly. You must feel comfortable asking as many questions as you want – your driving instructor will be used to this and is hear to help, so if you’re unsure about anything, ask away.


The time has come, it’s time for you to get driving! Remember when you are controlling a car for the first time, 20 MPH is going to feel like 80 MPH, so trust your driving instructor that you’re going at the right speed – you will get used to it. Once you start driving expect your driving instructor Oxford (or local to you) to explain the following:

  • How to prepare for pulling away from the kerb
  • How to control the clutch and recognise the biting point
  • How to check your mirrors and be aware of your blind spot
  • How to signal using your indicator
  • How to change your gears
  • How to stop the car
  • How to park by a kerb

Once you’re on your way you should start to enjoy yourself and relax, keep in mind you’re in a dual control car so your instructor can help you at any time, so there’s no need to worry.


After you have had an amazing time on your first driving lesson, you will be taken home (or to your agreed drop off point). Your instructor will ask you how you found the lesson, tell you how well you did and ask you what you felt comfortable with and what you felt you wanted to work more on next time.

Well done, your very first lesson is over – see it wasn’t so bad was it!