BMW cars are popular for the overall solid build, exceptional engine reliability, decent passenger comfort and well-balanced handling. They should work well for years of usages and BMW cars should really shine when we use them for cruising on highways. When we have these cars, it is only natural to make sure that it is always running at the best condition.

That’s the reason why we need proper tuning for our BMW car. This will make sure that the car’s performance and power can always be at the highest levels. There are many tuning options for BMW cars. As an example, we may improve the aerodynamics of the car, while making it look more appealing.

There are body styling kits for BMW car that may include tailpipe trims, bonnet vents, rear skirt insert, roof spoiler, side skirts, rear spoilers, front spoilers, new bumpers and others. These components should work in perfect harmony to give our BMW car a more aggressive and sportier look. Overall, we should increase the car stability and reduce wind resistance, especially at highway. Standard components on our BMW car can be replaced with high performance variants. As an example, better shocks, struts and dampers can have good effects on control and steering.

We may purchase new callipers and pads to replace the standard brake set, if we want to have improved stopping performance. In order to give the car a better visual look, we could use forged alloy wheels and compatible tires. One essential tuning technique for BMW is by remapping the engine ECU. This will allow us to improve power, speed and performance. By remapping the electronics, we will be able to get better driving enjoyment and better overall values. By altering the fuel system and engine settings, we should be able to obtain better torque and horsepower.

BMW is known for its durable and strong engines. Compared to standard car engines, they can deliver additional powers. However, after a period of use, these engines are begging to be tuned. By remapping, we could gain up to 30 percent additional power from our car and this will contribute to the overall fuel efficiency. The engine will need to work less and burn less fuel to reach a specific distance. After remapping, BMW car owners often say that they get more responsive throttle. There will be less lags as the engine shifts to higher gears. Under any circumstance, the car should be smoother to drive.

Each BMW car responds differently to tuning, but BMW 535d and 330d are perfect for a tuning session. The BMW 330d has an excellent diesel engine with plenty of untapped power. The extra torque and horsepower can be set loose after a remapping. After remapping a BMW 353d, we will also get additional performance and power, while retaining the same level of comfort. However, M-badge cars are more aggressively tuned from the factory and we will get less power gains after a remap. However, we still get noticeable improvements in power delivery.