Low key and reserved, the getaway driver is often overlooked as a background figure in the execution of any crime. However, without a skilled driver, even the most elaborate criminal conceit could fall at the final hurdle.  Although the movies make getaway-driving look easy in case you’re not Ryan Gosling, have a quick look through our guide to becoming a great getaway driver.


No getaway driver can hope to be successful without a good means of transport. Although the temptation might be to go for fast, flash and fabulous this would be your first mistake.

The greatest getaway drivers choose speed over style. Besides wanting to avoid something flashy and memorable that will draw the attention of passers-by (and eventually the police) it is best to pick a car that can move fast. Choose a dependable and domestic car that doesn’t stand out – ideally something with a deep boot or an estate car that will protect the engine in the events that your car gets rammed.

Getaway Driver

For obvious reasons, don’t use the family Vauxhall as it can be traced back to you in seconds. You’re going to need to pick up a car from a few towns away that isn’t going to turn heads in your local ‘hood.

The next step is practice, practice, practice. Finding a local car park to test out your ability to make turns at high speed will prove invaluable in the event of a chase. When turning, turn hard and turn back to stop the car from losing control.

The best getaway drivers are cool, calm and collected. By taking your route planning seriously, keeping a low speed and prioritising safety, you won’t stand out for reckless driving. Wear your seatbelt, check your signals work and make sure the car is full of fuel. Sobriety and patience for other drivers on the road help you to avoid complications and concentrate on the job in hand.


Although officially the job might be done, the getaway driver’s is just beginning. Alert and responsive to the variables of his surroundings, the great getaway driver never looks agitated or nervous.

As they sit and wait outside, the best getaway drivers look calm and composed and try to blend in. Trying to conceal your identity with a hat or sunglasses will only look more obvious.

Think about how many people are going to be in the car. Driver and passenger provide purpose, whilst more than two people in the car can seem suspicious. As a result, it is better to have those in the back seat lie low.

Great getaway drivers also prepare for the chase. As well as having planned a route, the getaway driver should know of the best local side streets to park and leave the car. In the event that you are pursued, there is more chance of escaping on foot once the authorities have become involved.

First-class getaway drivers also think about avoiding the obvious clichés when parking their car; opt for places without video cameras and advise your passengers to look natural as they exit the vehicle.

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