Help to spend your time on a luxurious holiday. Available options including luxury resort holidays, chartered yachts and trips on the Orient express train. Things to consider when you are booking a luxury holiday and some of the extras you can expect to enjoy.

luxurious holiday
Luxury holidays are often a once in a lifetime experience except for the very lucky and if you are only getting one shot it makes sense to choose carefully. Most luxury holidays don’t need a whole lot of planning as the itinerary is often set for you, although the ultimate choice will be yours.

Get Pampered in Style
Spa breaks are a common choice of luxury holiday, often taken just over a weekend in the UK, but there are also a whole lot of spa resorts at beautiful locations around the world. Taking a spa holiday is for those that want to completely relax and be pampered for your entire break. You can stay at an ocean side resort with infinity pools and wall to wall staff to tend to your every need. The treatments on the menu will include everything you could possible want and if you do fancy a little bit of exercise there is often a golf course and yoga classes to really help you wind down. You can choose a luxury spa break that is a detox for your body as well and follow a healthy meal plan, or go for an all-out pamper with gourmet foods and fine wines and get onto the detox when you return back home and to reality.

Travel in luxury
If you’d like a few changes of scenery on your luxury holiday why not try a tour of some kind? The Orient Express is the original luxury tour and there are plenty of imitation trips available that take you across Europe from city to city and on tours around other continents as well. You can take a step back in time and travel in ultimate luxury being waited on at every meal and sleeping in surprisingly spacious cabins for a train. If you don’t fancy taking the train – then how about yacht charters? You can sail around the Mediterranean or the Caribbean on a luxury yacht with every amenity possible and stop in the ports of your choice or just anchor by coral reefs and swim amongst the fish. You can charter yachts with a crew and full staff that are at your beck and call and with all shapes and sizes of yacht you can travel in a group, as a couple or even alone if you prefer and choose your meals and entertainment to suit your every whim.

Luxury holidays are a great treat, whether you are going on honeymoon, celebrating a special occasion or just treating yourself – the choices of luxury holiday are plentiful. You can be pampered at a remote spa resort, or explore the islands from the deck of luxury yacht charters, whatever you choose is bound to be an amazing getaway.

Tom Brown is an experienced travel journalist who has had the luck to have been on many luxurious holidays in his career, from spa breaks to yacht charters. He is writing for