Children are different, and when it comes to their oral health demands and treatment they are also different compared to adults. This is where pediatric dentists come in – they are dentists that focus on children’s oral health from birth to teen years. Pediatric dentists have to go an additional two years of training so they will know how to deal with the various facets of children’s dentistry which includes dealing with their behaviour and making them comfortable. Pediatric dentists also know to treat the needs of mentally or physically challenged patients.

What Is A Pediatric Dentist

Functions of a Pediatric Dentist

The most complex part of pediatric dentistry is in dealing with infants. At the first sign of aggravation, babies will cry. It can also be difficult to have babies open their mouths. It’s very important for pediatric dentists to do an oral exam on babies to check for signs of caries. In extreme cases, surgery can be done on infants which is a difficult procedure that entails great skillset.

These specialize dentists are good in instructing parents on how to help their kids stop bad habits such as pacifier dependency and thumb-sucking. Their basic job is to clean teeth and fluoride treatments. They also do teachings regarding diet and nutrition, emphasizing on foods that are likely to strip enamel from the teeth.

Aside from the jobs mentioned above, pediatric dentists do regular dental work. Like diagnosing possible problems such as uneven teeth and overbites. These oral health problems can’t get better without proper treatment. Pediatric dentists also manage gum diseases, treat cavities and remove wisdom teeth. They can also aid in diagnosing health problems connected to oral health like asthma, diabetes and hyperactivity.

Children’s Dental Needs

It is important to remember that a kid is different to an adult when it comes to oral health. Baby teeth are vital in preparing the mouth for permanent teeth, so it is very vital for good oral hygiene to be observed during the early years of a kid. However, kids sometimes aren’t prepared for such responsibility. Pediatric dentists make its stress-free and fun for kids while at the same time highlighting the importance of having good oral health. Having your kids visit a pediatric dentist can help in making sure that they receive the right type of attention and care when it comes to their oral health.

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