Having poor oral health has been linked to bigger health problems like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and others. As a licensed professional, dental hygienists are vital in stopping and treating oral health problems that may end up with other health problems.

Questions To Ask Your Dental Hygienist

Below are some questions that you can ask your dental hygienist during your next visit to a Surrey dentist:

How can I improve My Oral Health

This is questions is the main question that everyone must ask their dental hygienist during their visit. To begin with, you may have to learn or relearn in proper ways to brush, rinse, floss and overall taking care of your oral health on a daily basis.

Aside from that, your diet and nutrition can greatly affect your oral health as with any changes in your medical history. Discussion about your oral health with your hygienist must be a continuous process of oral health changes with time and situation.

Are the Medicines on My Chart up-to-date?

A lot of medicines can produce symptoms such as dry mouth or bleeding. So it is very vital to ensure that your dental hygienist is updated with your medicines. So before you make arrangements for your next appointment, try to write down changes with your medicines, noting new meds or those you have stopped taking. By writing down the changes in your meds, you can update your hygienist and also your chart during your next appointment. Sharing them all of the changes in your medicines can help in avoiding possible problems.

What do the Symptoms Mean?

A lot of people experience dental health problems and think that such problems aren’t that important to inquire about, or maybe they are too scared to talk about it. But, the longer a dental health problem persists, the more problematic the consequence could be.

Whether if you are suffering from bleeding, pain, canker sores, the sensitivity of other oral health problems, it’s vital to talk any symptoms you’re experiencing with your hygienist. Treating oral health problems earlier can help in preventing further damage.

What Toothpaste should I use?

It’s very important to ask and talk to your hygienist about the right toothpaste that you should use. Some toothpaste is specially made to handle particular oral health problems. So if you have a sensitive tooth, you must ask your hygienist what toothpaste you should be using.

When will be your Next Appointment?

At the end of every visit, you must ask your hygienist when will be your next visit. Arranging your next appointment will make sure that you will not miss a cleaning. To make sure that your next visit is convenient for you, arrange a schedule ahead of time.

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