Naturopathic medicine is defined as a science-based tradition that aims to promote overall wellness by identifying the unique characteristics of the patient so that non-toxic natural therapies can be used in order to help them achieve wellness and balance in all aspects of their lives, from the physiological through to the psychological. In short, a naturopath will be an expert in helping the individual to identify the natural therapies that best suit them, but that is an understatement of their full role.

What Does A Naturopath Do?

A naturopath in Toronto will have to undergo a full training regimen in order to be in a position to provide these therapies, having to undertake a four-year degree course to become a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. This course has similar admission requirements as a traditional medical degree and will require the candidate to have graduate-level knowledge in a number of different sciences.

Once the certification is achieved, the naturopath will provide treatment based on all of the following tenants:

Natural Healing – They will provide remedies that are completely free of toxins, instead making use of the powerful notion that the body is capable of healing itself as long as obstacles are removed from its path. By taking this approach, the naturopath is able to start forming a treatment plan.

Identifying Illness – Unlike with many other medical sciences, a naturopath aims to identify the illness their patient is suffering by looking at the root causes, rather than identifying the symptoms and treating those. This will usually involve taking a detailed look at physiological, mental and external issues that affect overall wellbeing.

Do No Harm – All of the treatments provided by a naturopath are non-invasive and intended to do no harm to the patient. This means that all treatments provided should not offer any adverse side-effects, while also having a demonstrable effect on symptoms.

Teaching – Your naturopath will not only create a treatment plan, but will also make a concerted effort to teach you more about it and why the plan will help the root cause of your issues.

Treat The Individual – A naturopath will take the time to look at every aspect of the patient, finding out more about their personal life in order to better select a treatment plan. They understand that aspects beyond those that display as symptoms on a physical level could cause illness.

Prevention – Where possible, your Toronto naturopath will then use all of the information gathered to not only treat your current illness, but also to prevent future issues from occurring.

A true naturopath will take all of these tenets into account while creating a treatment plan that is unique to you and your situation.