Urology offers patients a broad range of treatment choices, allowing them to work with their urologists to discover the best solution for them.

Surgery may be the best choice for a number of people. Drugs or the behavioral therapy (like the bladder re-training) might work for others.   You can work jointly with your urologist as a team to address your own requirements.

6 Reasons Why You Need To See Your Urologist

6 Reasons why you need to see an Urologist

1. Any distinct aspect of men’s fertility problem could be because of the testicular cancer.  Primary doctors might miss out on these and go unnoticed by an IVF fertility specialist.

2. Blood traces found in urine – Hematuria is not normal, and it can even be considered as the early signs of kidney or bladder cancer. Although it is microscopic, it can sometimes be detected even with the naked eyes. The basic diagnostic procedures include x-rays or CT scans, where fiber optic scope will be inserted into the bladder. Don’t wait for the blood in urine to go away. Consult an urologist when you see it for the first time.

3. An elevated PSA or change in PSA – PSA remains one of the most responsive indicators of prostate cancer of all tests in the medicine. The problem is that a lot of doctors don’t appreciate what the PSA test is.

Any elevation raises concern, so it must be evaluated. Just waiting for it to reduce or keeping a watch on how fast it raises is not right. It is important to go for an examination immediately and get some blood tests done.

4. An irregular prostate exam – Any aberration like firmness, little nodules, or the irregularities might be due to prostate cancer and this must be examined by an urologist.

Similarly, reports from prior exams have to be analyzed. It is significant that all men over the age of 40 to 45 years get a yearly exam, preferably by the same urologist Miami doctor.

5. Any irregularity of the kidney will be established by the x-ray. It is generally assumed to be kidney cancers, until or unless they are established otherwise. Do not let anybody perform the biopsy on kidney unless you get proper recommendation from the best urologist in Miami. Biopsies of kidneys can really cause severe damage, which is why you need to make sure that only the best urologist in Miami performs the procedures.

6. Persistent pain in testicular mass – Due to the unusual chances of having an underlying testicular cancer, some masses will lose the firmness or the nodules in the testicles, and you’ll have to get it diagnosed by an urologist. This also complicates for those men who do not go for check-up within a week or two. If diagnosis is done in the early stages, then testicular cancer is curable. Therefore, you shouldn’t waste anymore time, and get in touch with any of the reputable urologist in your locality.


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