Whether you’re a curious spouse wanting to know the truth or a divorcee being shorted on child support, a private detective can help you get the answers you’re looking for. Don’t let the movies fool you though. There are things that P.I.s can’t do. Before you decide to hire a detective, make sure you understand the limitations.

Private Detectives Can Wiretap Phones with the Proper Consent

Most states require one person to consent to wiretapping a phone. Then there are 12 states that require all parties know about the wiretapping. If you happen to live in one of the 38 states that require only one person know that the phone is tapped, you may be able to hire a detective that can tap your phone. This can be useful when talking to ex-spouses about alimony, child support, etc.

A P.I. Can Record a Public Conversation

A private detective cannot record conversations that happen in private. However, a private eye does have the ability to record conversations that happen in a public place where others can overhear the conversation. This can be useful for husbands and wives that are trying to find more information to catch a cheating spouse or anyone else that is trying to discover the truth about something important.

The Detective May Be Able to Enter Private Property with Proper Consent

A private detective can never enter private property without consent. However, in some states, it only takes one person to give permission to the detective. For example, if you own a house, you can give the detective permission to enter the house while you’re away. This would allow the detective to take photos and get evidence needed to win a court case.

Detectives Can Obtain Certain Information

Another thing a private detective can do is obtain information. While a P.I. cannot obtain private information, public information is accessible. For example, a private eye can find out where someone has bank accounts. Should an ex-spouse claim that his bank account is empty, this information could be used to prove that there is another account and the courts could then investigate the matter.

P.I.s Can Act as a Bodyguard

Last, but not least, in a case where the detective is working for someone, he can serve as a bodyguard for the client. Private detectives even have the ability to carry a concealed weapon, once the proper permits are obtained. Should a spouse be trying to get information on a cheating wife or husband, the detective can protect him or her from the cheating spouse should he need to.

A private detective can do a lot of things to help someone find out the truth. However, they can’t do anything illegal, such as record private phone conversation. Be sure to find a private detective that goes by the book or you could be wasting money on evidence that is thrown out of court.