There are a number of reasons why you may want to hire a television. In the old days our grandfathers used to hire a television because they couldn’t afford to buy one. Today almost anyone can afford a television. That being said high end televisions can still cost you upwards of $2000, so if you just want to hire a TV for the night or the week to hang out and watch a few movies then this guide is for you. The important thing you’ll always want to keep in mind is to try and do business with a reputed company and check the television before you hire it.

Inspecting a television

Many TV hire services will price their televisions based on model, technology and condition. The majority of these televisions are going to be commercial products with large screens, brilliant picture quality but not exactly feature packed like the one in your living room. So, it may be a good idea that you start off with a list of features that you want the television to have and then ask the service to narrow down their selection to the features you want.

You can then inspect each TV’s picture quality, size and other aspects before you decide to hire. If the television is slightly damaged, has dark spots, or shaded spots make sure to inform the service about it prior to hiring.

Search online

If you are looking for a television hire company then start your search on the internet. Hire companies these days have websites where people browse through their inventory of televisions, read their terms and even book a television. Many companies like Sound Agents also offer DJ services as well as have an array of televisions that they rent out to people. However, once you have shortlisted the companies to ones that are reputed and located near you, the next step is to pay them a visit and take a look at the televisions they have to offer.

Understand the terms of their service

Many people assume that because they are customers, they will always be right. However, a TV hire company or service is a business and like all businesses they are out there to make money. In order to keep things clear and understand your rights as someone who is hiring a television read through the service agreement. Many television companies will have a clause that states any damage is the responsibility of the person who hires the television.

This may even mean damage that the company didn’t know of but was spotted when you returned it. Also, this will mean that you pay for the damage. You should also ask the company about their late fee policy, extended hire policy and what penalties will be levied if the television was stolen. Ideally, the company should have insurance in which case if it were stolen the insurance company will take care of the financial issues.

Ask the service to set it up

If you are hiring sound equipment as well as a television ask the company to come in and set it up. The advantage of this is that while you will pay extra for the business to setup the equipment you can be assured that you’re not responsible for any damage caused by wrong setup methods. It will also give you a chance to test the equipment before you turn it on for other people, this can be especially important if you are hiring a TV for a presentation or to entertain your friends and family members. If the TV hire company does not have the ability to setup the equipment at your home then ask for a recommendation.

Sign an agreement

You should only decide to do business with a TV hire company if they draw up an agreement and sign it themselves. Read the agreement thoroughly and understand it prior to signing on the dotted line. Also, make sure to walk away with a copy of the agreement which you can use in the event of a dispute. This is very important as many times the equipment costs thousands of dollars and paying for it shouldn’t be an option if you’re not at fault.

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