One of the things that is on the minds of a lot of people is the environment. The advice to Reduce, Reuse and the ever popular Recycling has been taken to heart by a large number of the population. They attempt to purchase items without a lot of packaging and, when possible, reuse a great many things to keep them out of the landfills.

Recycle garbage truck

This has generated a lot of commerce and not a few jobs when it comes to the industry created by this need to recycle. Turning it into something else entirely is what this is all about. Everyone has heard about newspapers being turned into more newspapers and tin cans into more tin cans. To address one of the many rumors; these cans usually do not find themselves made into cars or trucks.

A Short List of Recyclable Items You Can Get Rid Of

• Newspaper can be gathered up and placed alongside trash in a majority of the communities across the country.

• Glass jars and bottles can be placed with other recyclables and these are ground up and made into pellets to allow for other bottles and jars to be made.

• Cardboard is highly sought as the fiber content in these can be used for a whole host of recyclable items such as new boxes and even paper.

• Used motor oil makes a low price alternative for farm equipment, lawnmowers and other smaller engines and for the lubrication of electric motors and other moving parts.

• Plastic is a recycling nightmare, however, it is done in many areas.

• Metal of all kinds are valuable. Magnetic or ferrous metals are melted down and used for any number of other metal parts. Nonferrous or nonmagnetic items, such as aluminum, brass and copper, to name just a few, are used in the same way.

Removing all of this material from the waste stream will assist in protecting the environment from the bulk this represents. All of the above, especially the oil and, to some degree, the metal pieces will have substances that should not go into the ground water. Even the paper with all of the ink on it will have very bad effects on this source of water for all in the area.

It also saves the neighborhood from paper debris flying around and becoming unsightly. It can clear up any number of square feet of storage space in your garage, shed or pantry. It is also part of what everyone can do to make their part of this world a cleaner place.

The recycling for profit part

The need for the recycling of all of these types of material makes this a way of creating a small side business for individuals who need a couple of extra dollars each month. In most large communities there are recycling plants that will purchase the material you bring in. This is helpful as it provides an incentive for people to do what they should be doing all along.

These recycling plants will pay for a good portion of all of the things that are listed above. Some of them will concentrate only on newspapers, however, others will take glass, tin cans and cardboard. Some of them will want a certain amount before they will pay for it but there are many people who have organized this to make a good living.

Recycling is a way to look out for the environment and still make a living. Take a look at the for-profit recycling company, Angel Bins. They can point with pride that they are able to do something about both issues.