Breathing difficulties and respiratory diseases have become very common as the rise in air pollution is continued. Air pollution in different cities of our country is increasing day by day and there is no sign of any restriction on it. Different types of pollutants like oxides of nitrogen, sulfur, carbon are being emitted into the atmosphere by industries and automobiles. The exhausts released from these industries are very toxic and are known to cause different diseases in our body. When inhaled, these pollutants get accumulated in our body and causes many respiratory diseases and breathing problems. These pollutants also dissolve in the blood stream and reach to many cells of the body. They disrupt the functioning of these cells and lead to several diseases and allergic reactions. Industries are being opened everywhere and little attention is being paid to waste management, which ultimately causes different types of health problems.

Ensure High Quality Fresh Air With Nasal Air Filters

However, by using nasal filters for pollution we can protect ourselves from such types of disease. These nasal filters have special design and are developed to filter the different types of pollutants present in the atmosphere. They have different layers of filters in it and their combined effect leads to the filtration of polluted air and gives you clean and fresh air. You are not required to worry about the air pollution and these filters will make the air clean and fresh to inhale. If you do not use these filters and move out  where pollution level is higher, there are chances that you may get ill. Different particulate matters like pm 5.5 and pm 10 are responsible to cause breathing problems and allergies in our body. These filters are designed to filter these particulate matters and they do not allow them to pass inside our body keeping us safe and healthy.

A traditional face masks are not so effective as they have no mechanism to block the air passing through the sides of the mask. It reduces the efficiency of the mask and the target is not achieved. But nasal filters or nose mask for dust do not have such issue and no air can pass inside the body without filtration. They fit closely into the nasal cavity and no space is left in the polluted air to pass without filtration. They are very easy to use as you can easily put them in your nose and there is no difficulty in breathing when you are using these nasal filters. But if you are using face masks then you have to apply effort during the breathing, which puts extra pressure on the lungs and gradually leads to its damage.

Summary: –  Air pollution, responsible for causing different types of diseases in our body and proper steps must be taken to make sure the availability of fresh air. Heavy industrialization and excessive use of automobiles have made the air quality, low and is no longer good to inhale. But we can deal with the situation by using nasal air filters which are available in different medical stores. They have excellent filtration capacity and is helping many people to gee fresh and clean air.