Cross rafters and the absence of walls make up the typical example of a pergola which is essentially an airy outdoor room much like an arbor but way bigger. It’s a popular structure across many gardens and here are a few reasons why that is so:

1) It incorporates a free-standing design

A free-standing design makes it a simple set up perfect for a DIY project as you won’t need to make other complex connections in between the roof and the house. Consequently, you can save a great deal of cash that you would have otherwise paid out to professionals to handle the construction for you.

The other benefit of this freewheeling design is that it provides a nice platform for showcasing the splendid artistry of gorgeous, fragrant climbing vines and hanging varieties. If you are a little concerned about harsh weather elements affecting your hard-grown plant life, you could add all-weather drapes across the sides to provide protection whilst adding a romantic touch to your garden.

2) A pergola makes good use of small spaces

In an age where new houses are put up by the day and the size of yards growing ever so smaller, putting up that extensive garden of your dreams can become a tricky affair. However, a pergola proves the perfect accessory in this regard as its vertical beams and ceilings provide an abundance of space for vines and other hanging plant varieties. Its mobility is also another notable feature making it a nice alternative to a stationary patio. If you’d like it to serve as an extension to a small house, then you’ll be glad to hear that it has allowances for reinforcement onto the roof and other adjoining parts.

3) You can work the angles to find what suits you best

Unlike a standard patio roof where everything is pretty much fixed and predetermined, you have greater freedom to fine-tune various aspects with a pergola as you see fit. Taking into consideration the season and the sun’s position, you can adjust the rafters- e.g. by changing orientation, size and spacing- to find a nice balance of shade and sunshine according to your needs or preferences or according to your plants’ requirements.


4) A pergola affords numerous options

Patios don’t come in kits but pergolas do which strongly emphasizes just how flexible the design of these structures are. While installing one is a simple enough project once you have the right set of tools for the job, you might not quite pull off the beguiling design you envisioned in your mind. In this case, a manufacturer can be your best bet at getting the exact design you desire and unlike with patios, you are sure to get the structure to look absolutely the way you want it to down to a tee.

Pergolas are endearing structures that are particularly useful if you are a bit pressed for space or if you desire a secluded place where you can entertain your guests or kick up your feet. Whatever it is you are looking for in an outdoor structure, a pergola proves a great multipurpose building that any garden should have.