There’s a reason why you want to grow your following and spruce up engagement on Instagram. The social media platform is a class apart when it comes to engagement levels; they are far higher than those of Twitter and Snapchat combined. That’s a goldmine for today’s businesses. And it does help that Instagram has more than 800 million active monthly users. Best of all, you can buy Instagram followers!

In this article, we are going to walk you through 5 tips on how to grow your following, whip up excellent content, and get noticed on Instagram.

#1. The video is King on Instagram

Video consumption on Instagram is burgeoning at a breakneck speed. It has consistently grown by 80 percent Y-o-Y. That’s good news because you can now leverage high-res and creative video content to generate buzz for your brand and build visibility on Instagram.

Thankfully, you can buy Instagram followers and don’t give too much focus on likes. The truth is that if your audience likes your video, they’ll click “play” over and over. The trick, however, is to create videos that are mobile friendly. A mobile video does way better than professionally-produced one. Other Instagram video best practices are:

  • Use a cover image that depicts what’s going on – eliminate white square or black screen
  • Just go into action, and present the best content in first few minutes
  • Include sound

#2. How to Get More Engagement

There’s no magic bullet to getting more likes on Instagram, but you can buy Instagram followers. Here are a few tricks to help get you more clicks and likes:

  • Create compelling content. By compelling, I mean something that people are going to want to leave a comment, like or share.
  • Pose a question. That’s right; you can ask for the like! Just include a question in your post asking the followers to engage.
  • Keep your content simple, casual, and mobile-centric

#3. Take Advantage of Behind-the-Scene

It so happens that most Instagram followers are looking for behind-the-scenes photos, videos, and other commentaries.

#4. Use the Grid View

While nearly 99 percent of the engagement comes from your actual feed, it is also important to take advantage of the grid view. Curate some of your best photos, videos, and other media to create an art gallery. It’ll help users make snappy decision to click on your profile.

#5. It’s all in Instagram stories

Use Instagram stories as well as live video to engage and encourage following. It is the best way to get recognized.