What Are Circle Contacts and Why Are They So Popular?Circle contact lenses, also known as wide eyed contact lenses and big eye contact lenses, have become increasingly popular with those wanting to alter the cosmetic appearance of their eyes. While circle contact lenses are a relatively new trend in the United States, they have been used in countries like China, Japan and South Korea for over 10 years.

The popularity of circle contact lenses has increased since pop star Lady Gaga was seen sporting anime-style eyes in one of her music videos. In an attempt to copy her wide eyed look, many women and girls are using circle contact lenses. While they are currently only available in the United States with a valid prescription, many people are buying circle contact lenses online and importing them from other countries.

What Are Circle Contact Lenses?

Circle contact lenses are cosmetic contact lenses that change the appearance of your eyes. These colored contact lenses are designed to make your eyes look larger, resulting in an altered appearance that accentuates and widens your eyes. Regular contact lenses cover only the iris, but circle contact lenses also cover part of the whites of your eyes, which is how they achieve the wide eyed look.

Why Do People Wear Circle Contact Lenses?

Many people wear circle contact lenses to alter the cosmetic appearance of their eyes. Some people use them simply to make their eyes appear wider, as this can give an innocent or childlike look to the eyes. This wide eyed look is especially popular in countries like Japan and South Korea, where it is also a feature of female anime characters.

Some people use circle contact lenses to make a fashion statement, as they come in a variety of styles, colors and patterns. Colors range from blue, brown and hazel, to blood red, white and jet black, allowing wearers to stand out from the crowd, get noticed or even just match their eye color to their clothing. Circle contact lenses also come in a range of styles and patterns, with star designs, mesh-like patterns and Manga styles being especially popular.

Circle contact lenses are also used in much the same way as eye make up, such as mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow, is used. Circle lenses, like eye make up, can be used to enhance and accentuate your eyes to make them stand out.

While circle contact lenses are often used for purely cosmetic reasons, they can also be bought in prescription strengths for those who need contact lenses for medical reasons.

Are Circle Contact Lenses Safe?

There has been much debate about the safety of circle contact lenses, with some reports of lenses damaging the eyes of regular wearers. As with all contact lenses, circle contact lenses should be bought from a reputable source, as ill-fitting lenses can deprive the eye of oxygen and cause problems, including eye damage.

To avoid problems and safety issues, only buy circle contact lenses from reputable companies, and always read the accompanying information and instructions carefully before wearing the lenses.

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