If you are looking to re-decorate your home, no need to take stroll to the stores to find the best decorations. The most functional decorations are houseplants as they not only beautify your house, but also de-stress the environment and purify the air. Add a dose of zen to your safe-haven by beautifying it with any of these five plants:


The Rosemary plant is known to promote physical and mental well-being as well as to purify the air to keep the home free of toxins. Moreover, the smell of the rosemary can instantly lift the mood, combat anxiety, reduce fatigue, relieve insomnia, and contribute to better memory. It’s better to keep this plant in a sunny place, and not water it excessively.

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Aloe Plant

Create A Stress-Free Atmosphere With These Plants

Known mostly for its healing properties, aloe plant has the power to soothe your environment. Apart from healing burn skins and cuts, it also helps to keep the air circulation in your home, fresh. This plant can clear the pollutants coming from chemical products which get mixed in the air. If the chemicals are in excess or harmful, the plant’s leaves will start to turn brown as an indicator of highly polluted air. Better put this plant in a sunny place if you want it to grow best.

English Ivy

The English Ivy has been numbered as the best air- filtering plant you can have in your house, by NASA scientists. This is mainly because it helps to absorb formaldehyde. It is better to grow it as a hanging or floor plant, and it requires less sunlight to adapt.

Rubber Tree

The Rubber tree, apart from being a decorative plant, is also an excellent absorber of toxin and an air purifier. Easy to grow, these plants can grow both in cool climates and dim sunlight.

Peace Lily

This wonderful plant is well-known as an in-house plant for its beauty. But, they can as well reduce the number of toxins in the air. This low-maintenance plant grows best in cold climates and shady places.

Snake Plant

Snake plant is the easiest to grow, as it does not require much sunlight or water, and can be put in any corner of the house. Contrarily to other plants, this one releases oxygen during the night, and absorbs carbon dioxide. Thus, it acts like a replenishing oxygen tool in the room.


If properly cared for, the heart- shaped philodendron can last for years. Easy to grow and to take care of, this plant is great at taking-in xylene.