3 Types Of Colored Contacts That Make Your Costume PopFor many people, dressing up in a costume is a very serious event. If you are dressing up for a convention, getting the right look is crucial for best impersonating your favorite character. Fortunately, here are 3 types of colored contacts that will help make your costume pop:

1. Cat Eye Contacts

If you get cat eye contacts, your costume choices are unlimited. For example, you can:

· Dress up as a Black Cat

Many women in particular like to wear black cat costumes because they tend to be sexier in appearance. With the right contacts (gold or green in color), you can really stand out of a crowd. Just do not forget to get whiskers.

· Dress up as the Cheshire Cat

If you love Alice in Wonderland, you can use cat eye contacts to become the Cheshire cat. There are adult costumes available online, although you can also make your own by combining pink and purple pieces.

· Dress up as a Dragon

If you look closely, many dragon characters have eyes similar to cats. If you decide to go all out and dress as a dragon, the right pair of cat eye contacts will make you even more fierce.

· Dress up as a Werewolf

Cat eye contacts can be very beneficial when creating frightening werewolves. Even if you decide to wear a mask, your eye color will still be visible.

2. Single Hue Contacts

Single hue contacts are excellent for drastically (or subtly) changing your eye color to complete a costume. Such contacts will usually only cover your irises and will leave the pupils as they are. To make the most use of single hue contacts, you can:

· Dress up as a Vampire

If you use red contacts and some white makeup, you can turn yourself into a vampire heart throb. To complete the look, do not forget to get fake fangs. Additionally, people looking to dress up as demons can also benefit from red contacts.

· Dress up as an Elf

If you love Lord of the Rings, you can easily bring your elf costume to the next level by buying bright blue contacts. With the use of pointed ears and flowing garments, you will create an elegant and mystical look.

· Dress up as a Na’vi from Avatar

If you feel like painting your entire body blue and donning minimal clothing, you can complete the costume with golden contacts.

3. White Contacts

If you want to dress up as a member of the undead, you can purchase white contacts that completely cover your irises and pupils. While it may be difficult to see through such contact lenses, the effect will surely startle all of those around you. All you will then need is raggedy clothes and makeup to bring your zombie to life.

There are many colored contacts designed to suit just about every costume option available. However, just remember to comparison shop at all times to find the best ones for your unique needs.

Elizabeth Garvey is a stagehand. She frequently shares her best tips for how to make costumes look their best by writing for acting blogs. Click to learn more about Next Day Contact Lenses.