It’s not until you get well and truly stuck into the planning process for any given wedding that you realise just how incredibly expensive the whole thing can be. There are of course several very obvious expenses that are indeed on the expensive side, but more often than not it’s the smaller stuff that seems to creep out of nowhere and add up to the kind of bill you find yourself wondering if you can realistically cover.

One perfect example of such an expense would be wedding stationary, as while these are far from the most major of provisions needed for the day itself, they do play an important role. What’s more, take a look at the price options available from those creating and shipping wedding stationary and it’s hard not to be taken aback by the amount some folk shell out for these functional bits and pieces.

Wedding Stationary – Saving Money Without Cutting Corners

The good news however is that with a little creativity and cunning, it’s perfectly possible to reduce wedding stationary costs to absolute minimums, or even eliminate most of them altogether. So, with cutting costs without cutting corners in mind, here’s a quick look at some of the key tips from the craft and card experts at Handy Hippo:

Keep it Simple

First of all, it’s important to realise that the more elaborate and fancy you decide to go with the things, the more you can expect to pay. There’s really nothing that says all wedding stationary has to be an absolute work of art in its own right as it is after all there simply to do a job. As such, you can technically get away with keeping things as simple as possible without having to worry about it having any detrimental impact on the day as a whole. So, before diving in with the most OTT packages and options on the market, take a look at the simpler side of things.

Do It Yourself

Perhaps the number one tip of all for anyone looking to both make great savings and ensure the maximum possible impact is to consider doing it yourself. Getting creative with these kinds of things won’t just save you money, but will actually be so much more enjoyable that picking up the bits and pieces you need pre-made. You can ask family and friends to help you out, maybe get the kids involved or take control of things personally as a gift to someone else – anything goes and the sky’s the limit for your creativity. Simply pick up a package of supplies online and go for it – you never know what you might be capable of until you try.

Shop Around

If you do, however decide to have the professionals take control of things, it’s crucial to shop around before making your final decision. The reason being that pretty much every brand on the market right now will be more than willing to undercut the prices of rival brands in order to secure your business, so chances are the first deal you come across will not in fact be the best deal of all. Look for price promises and guarantees of quality before going ahead and make sure that the provider has plenty of reassuring feedback to back up their claims to fame.

Minimise Your Selection

It’s a good idea to ask yourself prior to getting into things what exactly you want and what you absolutely cannot live without. There will of course be plenty of bits and pieces you need to play a functional role in the festivities, but at the same time a fair few other bits and pieces will be somewhat optional. Technically speaking, anything that’s optional constitutes an expense that you do not have to pay if you don’t want to, so be sure to weigh things up in accordance with what you need, what you want and what you can do without – all for the sake of big savings.

Go Digital

Last but not least, the most effective money-saving tip of all when it comes to stationary and all such supplies like this is to go 100% digital, or as close to 100% as realistically possible. For example, when it comes to mailing out invites and sending RSVP cards for everyone to fill out and send back, why not take care of things online instead? Not only will it not cost you a penny, but it also makes things massively more convenient for you and for everyone else – lightening the load while making savings at the same time just makes so much sense.