Whether you are a fresh graduate or a student looking for an internship, a developer or a designer, it can be pretty hard to break into a new job in the web industry. A fresher who is trying to make his/her debut in the web design industry will know how hard it is to get a web designer job than you ever thought. Education can give you very limited skills which may not be sufficient to stand out in the crowd.

When you plan to start looking for a job as web designer, these handy tips can help you make your mark.

Do your homework

Your web design portfolio is your magic weapon and your most important asset while searching a great job. Interview practice is also essential if you are a new candidate. Attend placement interviews at ample number of places whether or not you think that your skill levels can match the requirements. Joining a reputed company like Vivo Group can also help you to a great extent as you can gain some amount of technical experience that will help you in the future job hunting.

Sometimes you may get a charity job where in you need to work for free; do not ever hesitate to accept such web design jobs. You can get better exposure only with work experience. It is not just sufficient to have a portfolio you can carry to the interview. Interviewers are looking for online presence for hiring any web design engineer. Hence, you need to make sure that you have your sample work somewhere online which you can display during the interview process.

Start networking

Networking here doesn’t just mean getting likes, messages and followers on the social networking sites. Online presence stretches equally for social networking as well. Explore and find a specific social channel that can help promote your web design skills. When you want to make a debut in the industry, you should be raising your awareness, work and create as many contacts as possible.

Approach people that you only dreamed of talking to them before. There is no much use of hiding behind the computer in this situation. You should not just have enthusiasm, but learn to show off and impress others. Attend as many web design conferences and events as possible. It might take some time to get used to this practice if you are a bit introvert person. However, the more you open up, the more experienced you become and the more likely you will get noticed.


Next, it is essential to start preparing for the interview process technically as well in terms of smart skills. Interviewers don’t just look for technical skills, but also look for people who are good team players, great communicators, independent thinkers, dedicated workers, initiators and great leaders.

Find alternatives

There is more to web design than finding a regular 8 to 5 job. Many people work in a non-corporate environment like web writers, independent web design consultants, web site owners, web reviewers and freelance web designers. It just takes you to have a flexible mindset and a positive attitude to be successful in web designing.

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Being a recruiter for several years in one of the biggest corporate companies of Brisbane, I have seen thousands of fresh engineers and graduates struggling to get a job in the web design field. This made me pen some tips on how to make your debut in the web designing industry.