If you’re absorbed in application amusing media to acquisition your abutting job, alpha with the appropriate tools. Hashtags are one of the easiest assets to use to acquisition job listings and openings.

First, What is a Hashtag?

If you’ve noticed tweets that accept a “#” followed by one or several words, you’ve apparent a hashtag. They’re acclimated to adapt agreeable about a theme. So bodies advertisement jobs or administration agreeable about application would accommodate “#employment” in their tweet, and anyone who searches for “#employment” would see those tweets.

Companies who cavalcade jobs on Twitter generally use these hashtags to ensure that job seekers like you acquisition them.

1. #JobListing. This hashtag states the obvious. This cheep contains a job listing.

2. #JobOpening. Another accepted hashtag for jobs. You will see jobs in assorted industries and countries.

3. #GEJobs. Some beyond companies use their own hashtag for jobs they post. While you ability not be absorbed in alive for Accepted Electric, it’s an archetype of how companies use their own hashtags. See if companies you’re absorbed in accept their own.

4. #Marketing. If you’re attractive for a job in a accurate field, try a specific hashtag like this. Job postings are few and far between, but you’ll apprentice a lot about that acreage and accommodated bodies to arrangement with.

5. #JobTips. If you’re attractive for career advice, you’ll acquisition agreeable and suggestions from hiring professionals and recruiters.

6. #Freelance. Mainly admonition for freelancers, there are additionally a few freelance positions acquaint here.

7. #JobHuntChat. Some hashtags are acclimated for approved events, alleged Twitter chats. This one is captivated on Monday nights from 10 to 11 p.m. ET, and you can acquisition all address of career experts to get admonition from.

8. #Résumé. Get links to accessories and admonition to admonition you advance your résumé.

9. #GraduateJobs. If you aloof accomplished college, this hashtag will admonition you acquisition entry-level positions accessible to grads.

Using Hashtags Successfully

Okay, so now you accept a account of hashtags. What do you do with them?

First, accept why you’re attractive at them. You’ll accept one or added goals in application them:

  • To acquisition jobs to administer for
  • To arrangement with hiring managers at companies you appetite to assignment for
  • To get career advice

Each ambition will crave a hardly altered strategy. For award jobs, you’ll appetite to brush through the hashtags that cavalcade jobs, bang the links and administer for them. If you’re attractive to network, you’ll absorb added time afterward bodies and interacting with them. For career advice, you could participate in a Twitter babble or aloof bang on links that bodies allotment for a accustomed hashtag.

If you use a apparatus like HootSuite to administer your amusing media accounts, set up a chase clarify for whichever hashtags you’re absorbed in. That way, back you log in, you can calmly see in a distinct cavalcade all the tweets application a accustomed hashtag. Pick and accept the tweets that absorption you.

You can additionally artlessly go to Twitter.com and chase for a hashtag manually.

You can chase the bodies application these hashtags if you appetite to do a little networking online. You can apprehend the agreeable they allotment and retweet the posts you like. You can acknowledge to comments they’ve fabricated to alpha a chat with decision-makers in animal resources.

The sum absolute of all this adamantine assignment is to admonition position yourself as an ideal candidate, accommodated the appropriate bodies to account an interview, and again finally, get your dream job.