1One thing that sets great web hosting companies such as serverclub.com apart from the rest is the amount of bandwidth they offer. When it comes to hosting your website, bandwidth is a crucial aspect. It is what keeps your visitors clicking more and more instead of waiting. In fact, bandwidth distinguishes an excellent user experience from a bad one. It is important to have more than adequate bandwidth for your site. Doing so comes with numerous benefits and some of them are:

  • It will help you stream videos at a high speed. Videos are important SEO tools to promote your site to visitors.
  • Uploading and downloading files will be possible and much faster if you have good bandwidth
  • You can also have real-time chat, audio and video if you have bandwidth
  • Just surfing the web is a lot fun when the pages load faster and you move on to the next one quickly

Use dedicated servers

One way to maximize usage of your bandwidth is to get the right dedicated server host. When talking of ‘dedicated’, this means that you will have an entire server to yourself, which also means you will not share bandwidth with anyone else. Once you move to a dedicated server, your web host will isolate the bandwidth for you to use alone. Your pages will click faster, and things will upload or download quickly. This will translate into more visitors, more clicks and a higher conversion rate. Regardless of the nature of your website, people will not come back if they experienced slow page loads on the first time.

Use a different host for heavy weight items

If you are using heavy weight items such as photos, audios and videos on your site, it is better to host them on another sever. Because they use up a significant percentage of your bandwidth and will cause your site to be very slow. Hosting them on another server means the bandwidth they will use will come from that sever and not the one with your site.

Choose your host carefully

Your web host is responsible for providing you with bandwidth. Hence, you should choose your service provider with care. Even though it is not a determined fact, generally, you will get what you pay for. You should be cautious about using web host services that have extremely low prices. Some web hosts claim to offer unlimited bandwidth but if you examine their terms of service you will learn that it is unlimited as long as you do not exceed the normal site usage. It is better to use a web host with clearly set limits.

Choose the right plan

Once you have found a suitable web host, you need to select an ideal plan that will help you maximize your bandwidth usage. You should make sure that the amounts of bandwidth you buy are more than what you expect your visitors to use. If you buy insufficient bandwidth for your needs, you may pay high prices for the extra bandwidth your users will use once the ones available run out.