During the holidays, crime rates increase rapidly because criminals can easily steal items by blending in with a crowd. However, if you follow five easy steps, you can keep your business protected until the holiday season is over.

5 Ways To Protect Your Business Over The Holidays

Develop a Highly Efficient Security Plan

If you install multiple security cameras in key locations, you’ll deter criminal acts in your store. Your customers must know that they’re monitored, so ensure that every camera is visible. You can also prevent liability by using security cameras. If people are aware that they’re monitored, they won’t try to hurt themselves intentionally in order to pursue legal actions. The process of finding a good security system isn’t difficult. Many entrepreneurs buy programs from companies like Global Leaning Systems to help with security awareness.

After the cameras are in place, create a new policy that requires everyone to access your store by using one door. An employee should stand in front of this entry point at all times. If someone watches every person who enters and leaves your store, thieves won’t try to escape with hidden merchandise.

Buy Motion Lights

You may want to consider buying motion lights if your business is located in a community that gets a lot of crime. Once the lights are in place, they will activate whenever someone walks on your property. Motion-activated technology is effective because it scares criminals away.

Hire Employees Properly

According to experts, most theft happens after seasonal workers are hired. The biggest issue occurs during the screening process because the hiring practices aren’t as stringent for temporary employees. Since seasonal workers aren’t fully trained, they usually have problems catching shoplifters when business is flowing. This is why you must develop a thorough training course for your seasonal staff.

Secure Your Valuable Items

Every expensive item in your store should be locked inside of a safe. A determined criminal may smash a glass case in order to steal an item, so you’ll benefit from having an additional layer of protection.

Update Your Routine

If you get too comfortable during the holiday season, your business will become more vulnerable to crime. However, if you change your opening and closing time and your typical routines, you’ll prevent criminals from robbing your business.

Crime occurs very often throughout the holiday season, but you can protect your business if you use good security technology. Your employees can help too, so you’ll need to develop an effective training program that addresses shoplifting.